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My Self-Care Plan

There’s so much talk about self-care but what would really work for you? Here’s how you put together your perfect self-care plan for a happy and satisfying life.


Hope is not just wishful thinking, it can be build and is reachable.

Defusing repeated thoughts.

Negative repeated thoughts that keep ruminating in our headspace can be distressing. Here is what you can do to reduce the hold it has on you

Resilience, mental toughness

Mental toughness is not just for exceptional people. Here are some ways anyone can build resilience to bounce back when life gets tough.

Death on Social Media

Hearing tragic news of death can really sink our hearts whether we are friends, followers or not. It may be someone on social media, but the feelings we experience from such news is real.   Grief Grief is a reaction to the loss of someone or something that we considered important and significant to us….

Prevent Suicide

Suicide does happen and there are usually signs that a person has such thoughts. Here is how we can tell if a person has suicidal thoughts and what we can do to help.


Rejected, ostracized, discriminated? You don’t have to let these experiences get you down. Here’s how.

Problems with adulting

Confused about whether you are an adolescent or an adult? Frustrated about this stage? This could be quarter-life crisis.


In an ever changing and uncertain world, the ability to adapt and change is necessary. Flexible thinking will help you to do so while still achieving your desired goals.


Be free from those negative ruminations and self-condemning thoughts, and regain back your self-worth.


Infatuations or crushes are so exciting and yet scary. Maybe knowing what’s going on inside our heads will really help

Understanding Loved Ones

Building relationship by understanding a person’s language of love

Growth Mindset

Some people just sail through the storms while others sink with the slighest defeat. What makes these people weather through life so seamlessly?


Life is full of disappointments and it’s perfectly fine to feel down for a while. Just remember to keep going.


For those days when your brain seem to have gone on a holiday and doesn’t want to come back.

Finding out what’s wrong

We all care for the people who are important to us but sometimes approaching that person who is troubled can be the hardest thing to do. Here are some ideas on how to find out.

Caring Conversations

Talking about an emotionally sensitive topic can be tough. So here are some tips on how to go about it.

Help, my friend is self-harming

How can we tell if our friends are self-harming and what can we say and do to help?


Depression is more than a moment of sadness and unhappiness. It is a serious condition that affects many people and can lead to dire consequences if left untreated.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post traumatic stress disorder happens when a person experiences life threatening and traumatic events. This condition can be very debilitating and have long term effects if untreated.

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