Are you emotionally strong enough to be an entrepreneur? The 6 common tests you will face

We often fail to really ask ourselves some hard questions, are we mentally and emotionally prepared for the entrepreneurial journey?

Ah hha…. screamed out someone with a brilliant idea! Yay… what’s next?

Whenever someone claims to have a great idea and starts sharing their passion and beliefs, getting the buy-ins from friends and family, easily another innovative solution to make life better, sparked off! While scratching the surface, we may only see that all it takes is just one good idea and the entrepreneur who seemed to have it all with their business experience, knowledge and acumen, we gave our full blessings to support the idea. But what we often fail to really ask ourselves some hard questions; are we mentally and emotionally prepared for the entrepreneurial journey?

I think more so we need to ask ourselves these hard questions if we are women-entrepreneurs who wear multiple hats from office to home.

Below are the 6 common tests you would have to brace yourself against in this entrepreneurial journey, but REALLY are you ready?

1. Loneliness

Entrepreneurship is one of the most lonely journeys anyway can take. Sitting at a place where you are the only person to make all the decisions of the business, you are definitely going to be feeling exceptionally lonely especially if you are a sole proprietor. As the boss of a team, you will need to remain calm and composed when managing the team and it is in those times, when you have absolutely no one to turn to, you could only struggle on your own with the inside of you but yet you had to pretend that everything is fine on the outside. Not the easiest to do if you are the kind who cannot manage your emotions well. On top of that, you know 24/7 your mind is constantly on the business and whether you are struggling or successful, you are taken away from your time with family and friends – inevitable to any business ventures. So are you prepared to face the lonely journey?

I will be sharing in my upcoming post on the other 5 common tests – Adversity, Accountability, Financials, Leadership, Pressure, where you will face on any entrepreneurial journey. On the other side of the coin is you will also discover the Entrepreneurial Journey is also the most beautiful and rewarding journey one can ever take in this lifetime. The journey draws out the greatest potential in YOU! So enjoy the journey and with some self-care, you will arrive at the place you are destined to set out for. Though a lonely walk, it will make you the strongest!



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