Thank you for being our friend.


Yes, it’s our birthday! Exactly 2 years ago, we peeked out into the big exciting world of social media and found many awesome friends. And we wanna say a big THANK YOU, for liking and following us and joining in this community. Big, Big Hugs to everyone.

We know that sometimes life can be difficult to navigate and there are always unexpected road bumps and hurdles in the way. Sometimes these challenges and stresses can be overwhelming and we may find it hard to stay afloat mentally and emotionally. What really helps in such times is to have a friend who would just sit by us and be there. We really want to be that friend. And we hope that what we have put together in this space is helpful for your wellbeing. Please let us know how we are doing. We love to hear from you, just drop us a note from your account.

We also know that nothing beats having someone close to us show a bit of care. This has been a really tough year for some of us and maybe our families are struggling just as hard as ourselves. So Shadee.Care is working on creating a community where we can care for each other. You don’t need to be perfect, or have your life all worked out, in this community. You just need to be you. Because we know that deep down inside, even though you may not want to admit it, there is an inner awesome. And sometimes that inner awesome will emerge when we start to care. So try this, we have lotsa encouraging quotes and funny memes that you can share with your friends. Just scroll to the bottom of the article and click on the social media icon to share. Better still, send us your awesome quote, meme or story and the whole world can be inspired by your creativity and brilliance when they share it with their friends.

And you know what, it’s our birthday! So, we really want to show our appreciation to all our members. We are giving away $200 gift card to the most awesome post when you submit post to this website from 19 Nov to 18 Dec. Also, as we are building a community of really awesome people who care for one another, get your friends to join us. The first 50 people who sign up and send in a post will get $20 gift card of choice. Here’s more information about this Birthday Bash giveaways.

But you know what, although we hope that the gifts would excite you, we know that you are a pretty awesome friend with or without incentives. We can have the most beautiful planet without global warming and killer viruses, but if we don’t have any friends, life is still gonna be dull. So, if you have a friend who’s not doing so good, put aside some time and drop this friend a note to show you care.

Best Vibes and Big Hugs   


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