Make friends like Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, Wikimedia, Cosmopolitan UK.


Ariana Grande is not only today’s most successful celebrity having won top 3 spots on the Billboard and 132 other music awards, she is also the People’s Choice for Social Media Celebrity 2020. She has 150 million followers on Instagram and 71 million followers on Twitter.

Stunningly beautiful, talented and with a great sense of humour, Ariana is not shot of friends either. She is always thoughtful and always there for her friends.

Justin Beiber credited Ariana with helping him to return to music after a two year hiatus.

Colleen Ballinger, creator of ‘Miranda Sings ‘ says it was Ariana and her brother who helped her start her career.

Nicki Menage is Ariana’s ‘big sis’ and she helps Meghan Trainor, ‘Boys like you’, to navigate life as a successful new star.

She’s always sending gifts to her friends and sent Selena Gomez a huge bouquet of roses in the shape of an ice-cream when her music video Ice-cream was released.

And the list goes on.

But is it really that overt showering of gifts and niceties that makes her so likeable. We think there is something more. The Rain on Me video with Lady Gaga has a beautiful story of friendship behind it. But it’s more than just that, it shows why Ariana is such a special person and how she develops friendship.

Here’s why we think Ariana has so many friends;

She is persistent


Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, Rain on me, Offical video

Lady Gaga shared that Ariana had tried very hard before to befriend her but she was just too  “ashamed to hang out with her, because I didn’t want to project all of this negativity onto something that was healing and so beautiful”. Meaning that Lady Gaga didn’t want her own negativity to spill into Ariana.

But “She was so persistent. She would try over and over again to be friends with me,” Gaga explained. “Eventually she called me … and she was like, ‘You’re hiding.’ And I was like, ‘I am hiding. I’m totally hiding.’ And then this friendship blossomed.”


She is real


Ariana Grande, Billboard women of the year, 2018. https://youtu.be/nbbKJy286t4

From the Jimmy Fellon show to her countless interviews, Ariana is never afraid to be who she is. Candid and silly on The Tonight’s Show and shamelessly honest about her fears and uncertainties. In 2017, a bomb blew up in her concert in Manchester, killing 22 young fans. In 2018, Ariana ex-fiancé Mac Miller was found dead from overdose shortly after she broke-up with him. Many people accused her of causing his death. She braved it all and told it as it is and wasn’t afraid to admit that she didn’t always have it all together.


She reaches out even when she herself was hurting.


Ariana Grande on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fellon.

Ariana continues to suffer the mental conditions left by all the events over the last few years. She openly admits that she suffers from anxiety, depression and panic attacks and even had to cancel some activities with fans because her conditions were too overwhelming. Yet, she continued to reach out to those who are hurting.

This is the text to Lady Gaga that kicked off a beautiful friendship.

“One time ….. i met a woman who knew pain the same way i did… who cried as much as i did, drank as much wine as i did, ate as much pasta as i did and who’s heart was bigger than her whole body. she immediately felt like a sister to me. she then held my hand and invited me into the beautiful world of chromatica and together, we got to express how beautiful and healing it feels to mothaf*ckinnnn cry ! i hope this makes u all feel as uplifted as it does for us both. i love u @ladygaga, u stunning superwoman !”


You don’t have to be talented, famous or shower everyone with gifts in order to have friends. Just reach out to the one or two people around you who needs a friend. Sometimes, they may struggling too hard to respond to you immediately so please be patient and keep trying. Like Ariana, just be yourself. You don’t need to have your life in perfect shape or to have all the answers to life to reach out to another person. Sometimes it feels better that our friends are just like us, still trying to figure their lives out. Most importantly, even if you are hurting, especially if you are hurting, reaching out to another person who is also hurting can bring the best healing.

Go ahead, send that person a kind post.

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