Feeling down in Festive Seasons

Image: Levi Ackerman, Attack on Titan Season 3, Hajime, Isayama


There’s every reason to be jolly, things are looking better and everyone is finding ways to have some fun. Then there is that someone who just sits out in the corner and won’t join in the merry making. Maybe it’s someone close to you, or maybe that person is you. It’s Ok, be kind, there are always reasons why someone is not in the mood.


There are reasons why someone cannot have fun even if the season calls for it. Here are 3 reasons:

Our Past

Often, situations in our lives can determine how we look at life. It shapes our thinking and our perspective. Levi Ackerman, is a fictitious character in Attack on Titan. He is often admired for his bravery, leadership and skillful swordsmanship. But his tough demeanor and broody presence makes him a difficult person to be round. His believe in life is that ‘pain is the best discipline’. Ouch! I won’t want this character to be my best-friend, teacher or boss! But Levi has another side to him. He is very loyal and protective of those in his team. Perhaps on the surface it is not obvious but Levi does care, he just doesn’t show it. When we look into Levi’s past, we can understand better his reason for his hard exterior. He grew up an orphan and was raised to be tough and brutal in order to survive. That coping mechanism became his personality over time. Do you know of someone like that? If you are that someone, please don’t let your past define you.


Present Situation

For some of us, life may have taken a bad turn. You are stuck in the rut while your friends are having fun. Not a nice situation and our heart goes out to you. Be kind to yourself, it’s ok if you’re not in the mood for fun. It’ll help if you explained the situation to your friends and close ones to avoid any misunderstanding. But do look beyond this bad situation, all bad seasons will pass.



We may not realize it but in rainy season, the droopy weather can get to us and sink our moods for no good reason. Here’s more about Seasonal Affective Disorder, S.A D.


We may sometimes judge others when they refuse to join in with the group fun or maybe we have been judged for not being part of the crowd revelers. Telling someone to cheer up may not be the best thing to say, please allow everyone to have their space. Send this to someone to show you understand if they are not quite in the mood.



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