2020 in review

A look back on the year and to be thankful for how far we have come today.

2020 might not have been the best year if we are looking for a “smooth-sailing” journey. However, when it comes to a year of learning, 2020 might just be one of the best years with numerous lessons that we have gained over the undoubtedly tough year. It has taught us to be aware of hidden areas – for instance the poor living conditions for our foreign workers; to stop ignoring the importance of existing issues – for example the need to address mental health and self-care concerns; the new norm – remote work, online-based learning, Zoom meetings etc. Of course, these are just parts of the learning lessons, there are so much more that are not mentioned here. In fact, each and everyone of us have our own takeaways from this year, be it due to COVID-19 or via other life events. Well, one thing for sure is we have gained new perspectives, and let’s take time to think what are some of the perspectives that have been gained, changed or reaffirmed.


To be honest, we all have our periods of downs and ups this year, but let’s not forget that down moments do not only happen in 2020, there were distressing times in previous years too. And look, here we are still striving to do the best to survive and be the best version of ourselves each day. Our past life events shape who we are today and I think that’s remarkable if you think about it, all the tears and sweat back then till the today you. Don’t dismiss your efforts! 🙂


One step at a time, there will be points of darkness but let’s continue to keep our light shining in the darkness. Not going to lie but I do have times when I just want to give up and run away from the pain and suffering I face in life. This is normal, in fact we call this human’s fight or flight response. It takes courage and determination to say “Let me hold this pain and walk through it till I can peacefully overcome and let go.” We all have that courage in us. The efforts taken to overcome the difficult times may seem futile and lonely at times, and it may seem like others are having an easier time overcoming their pain, but remember, we are ultimately our own individual beings with our very own unique set of challenges and personal characteristics. It’s definitely not about comparing who is weaker, it’s about who has the courage to face the pain and work on it. That makes you a champion who owns your very own story. Tell yourself, “You know what, I have no idea where this is going and it hurts, but I will keep going and someday I will conquer this pain.”


All of us have a finite number of heartbeats. As years pass and when we start realising that more people around us are losing their lives even at a young age, along with the number of sudden deaths that occur (as seen from COVID-19), we realise how vulnerable life truly is. It is not a matter of whether our lives will end, it is a matter of when it will happen. So with the coming 2021, let’s not see it as a whole new year arriving, let’s see it as new days are coming so that we take each day preciously and not for granted that the next day will come.


Performance is build upon experiences and learning, with a growth mindset and optimistic outlook, along with a kind heart, have the faith that better things will definitely come your way:) Here’s to being a greater and kinder version of our very own selves each day as we move forward together into 2021, cheers!


Feature image is an original painting by Qian Hong.


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