Lizzo on the big L word: Self-LOVE

Lizzo’s health under scrutiny? Queen of self-love, Lizzo faces the reality of loving her skin in the public eye, as she fights to stay true to her voice.

Known for being bold and vivacious, Lizzo has had her struggles behind acceptance and balancing between weight loss and personal health. From her lists of empowering songs to her unapologetic stage presence, she stands stronger than ever, even under public scrutiny.



Being a public figure, an accomplished vocalist and flautist, Lizzo made acceptance out of self-preservation, even as she is subjected to criticism by others in the industry and online trolls alike. Acceptance doesn’t happen overnight or her or anyone else. It’s an uphill battle for on both good days and bad days.


“That’s the first step: Acceptance. And acceptance is hard. I’m still accepting myself every day; I’m still working on it.”


It may seem like Lizzo has it all, but she too struggled with her personal issues before coming clean about body dysmorphia, a mental illness where one is obsessed with an imagined physical flaw. Her song “My Skin” is a tribute song to self-love released after she stepped out of the shadows with body dysmorphia.



Juice cleanse is not about weight loss! After a month of drinking and spicy food, Lizzo did not feel her body was in tiptop condition. To reverse that, she completed a ten-day juice detox for better health, skin and sleep. Flamed by fans for an “act of betrayal”, Lizzo stood up and defended her diet as SELF-LOVE, and doing whatever it takes to nurse her body back to health.


Of course, the key to any diet is eating fruits and vegetables, like your mom said! Just look at Lizzo getting vitamins from plenty of greens, vegan protein bars (she went vegan in 2020 and was vegetarian for 7 years prior to that!), fresh fruits, heart-loving nuts and lots of water.


You should never starve yourself, regardless of whatever diet you may try. Of course, approach your doctor for medical advice, before starting on one.


One size does not fit all

If you think this queen just sits back with smoothies and salad, think again! Lizzo works out regularly to keep herself healthy and active. As a performer, exercise keeps her healthy, so she can break out a tune, without sweating it while keeping her dance on-point and in-tune. All these sweat sessions pay off especially well when Lizzo is workin’ it onstage with her Big Grrrls team at her concerts.

Stand up, stand tall 

Beyond just standing up for herself, Lizzo prides herself being the voice for others too. She shares more on Big Grrrls and how they represent hope and confidence. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to dance!



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