J-Hope, The power of self-believe


J-hope, singer, rapper, dancer, producer, songwriter is one of the world’s most loved K-pop idol. He is funny, warm hearted and sunshine to everyone. How did J-Hope become who he is, not just his talents but as a person that is so well loved?

The early days for Jung Ho-seok were not so hopeful. He didn’t get family support as his father was against the idea of him being a dancer although his mother supported his decision. This pain must have been deep as he couldn’t stop crying when he finally gained their acceptance and support. We gather this when he said ‘I’ve become their proud son and I am very happy’.

Ho-seok auditioned with JYP but wasn’t accepted and as a trainee in Big Hit he wasn’t always top of the list. He dropped out of the debut line initially but group leader RM told Big Hit that Ho-seok was much needed in the group and so he stayed. But even in the early days in the group BTS, he did not get as many fan mails as his other group mates.


But Ho-seok had a personal vision. “I thought it would be hugely meaningful for me if I can become like my namesake, hope for someone in the world- not even some grandiose peace, but just a small shard of it”. With that mindset, J-Hope was born.  In ‘Hope Mind’ he sings that he wants to give hope to the people who love him. This belief has become his personal branding as he branches out into his exuberant solo career.


Maybe we don’t have all the looks and talent to be a K-pop star but with the power of self-believe, we can be loved, successful and make a difference with our lives. Here’s how:

Personal vision

A personal vision is what you imagine and create of yourself. It will clarify who you really are inside and the future that you want for yourself. It tells you how to behave, provides the guide to making choices and protects you from getting influenced by the wrong people and straying into wrong paths.

Here’s how you can work out a personal vision


What are your core values and believes? Ask yourself:
  • What was the one thing you did that made you very proud and satisfied with yourself?

E.g, When I stood up for a classmate who was being bullied.


  • What actions of others make you happy

E.g. When my teacher praised me for being hardworking and reliable, it meant more than scoring an ‘A’.


  • What is important to you and how does this influence the way you live and make decisions.

E.g. I believe that being physically fit and mentally at peace is more attractive than putting on make-up and wearing designer labels.


  • What really matters to you and what are you passionate about

E.g. I feel that everyone should be treated equally and with respect. I cannot tolerate discrimination.



What are your character strengths
  • Find out your personal strengths. What comes naturally to you and what behavior is most comfortable for you. Find out more about character strength here.


  • Or better still, choose the personal character traits that you want to be known for like J-hope and work to become that person.


Make it happen !

Self-fulfilling prophecy is a belief or expectation about another person or yourself that becomes true in the end, even though it wasn’t true in the beginning. This can happen both with negative believes or positive believes. For example, if you believe that you are useless and can never do anything right, chances are, unconsciously you will stop working hard and end up as you believe.

Self-believe is one of the most powerful motivators for success. When you put your mind to a believe and decide that’s what you want, working on that goal will become easier. Sometimes, bad self-fulfilling prophecies happen because other people label you in a negative way and it’s hard to shake off those words that get stuck in your head about yourself. One way to beat these thoughts is to have a personal vision about the person that you are and will become. Work towards being that person, reinvent yourself and it will change how other people see you.

Hey, why not work with a friend on your personal vision and you can remind each other every now and then.


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