IU, from self-hatred to self-love

Have you heard IU’s latest hit, Celebrity? She produced several chart-toppers with her moving vocals, but did you know she once lived in a cockroach-infested home?

Image: IU, Celebrity video.

Have you heard IU’s latest hit, Celebrity? This song is a certified all-kill song, meaning it reached #1 on numerous song charts!



Despite her big wins in her career, IU has faced struggles like many of us. Growing up, her parents had financial issues and ended up moving out of Seoul. IU and her brother lived with their grandmother for a few years, separately from her parents.

Although she discovered her love for performing during middle school, she was scammed by fake agencies. When she finally signed on with an agency, she found great comfort in her work studio, where there were hot food and a warm bed.

She later developed bulimia, fuelled by a celebrity’s pressure to meet expectations when it came to her appearance.

The Meaning of You

Being a soloist, she may be alone a lot, but her Uaena (U-爱- 나 aka you love me) fan club has stood by her through these years. The one fan who gave IU a wake-up call about her weight was not shy!

IU later also started to eat right and picked up yoga from a fellow celebrity, Lee Hyori. With persistence practice and professional lessons from a teacher, she eventually conquered the salamba headstand pose too! (Please practice with caution AND guidance. Maybe you can suggest yoga as an exercise to try during your PE classes while listening to IU’s Celebrity!)

Love Poem

We all have our struggles others may not know or understand, but remember, we’re not alone. Sometimes we need a rude awakening from a friend; sometimes, we need to walk towards brighter days, even when we don’t feel like it. By the way, if you’re a loyal Uaena, you will notice the titles used here are her song titles. 🥰

At the end of the day, we need to remember to love ourselves on good days and bad days. As IU says, loving yourself starts by accepting yourself just as you are.

If you have a friend who is struggling with self-acceptance, sometimes all it takes is a conversation.



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