Self Care with Selena Gomez

She’s had her fair share of struggles with lupus, mental health issues and very public break-ups, but Selena Gomez powered through her challenges.

Since the age of seven, Selena Gomez has been a darling to many. After being diagnosed with lupus at a tender age of 22, life has thrown many challenges her way including struggles with mental health. From cancelling her concert to focus on her happiness and health, to taking a four-year hiatus, Selena has never backed down from accepting her vulnerability and facing her tears and fears. From her songs, she speaks loudly and honestly about her life and how she cares for herself:


Stay true to your voice

As a public figure, Selena has always used her voice, to be honest and upfront with who she is. She was diagnosed with lupus, an invisible autoimmune disease that comes with symptoms. Most of us tend to brush aside as tiredness from a late night or the common cold.

Lupus hit her hard. She had high blood pressure, kidney issues while experiencing anxiety and depression. Her health worsened in 2017 and BFF and fellow artist, Francia Raisa, stepped up to donate a kidney to Selena and give her the gift of life.

“I want to be able to tell my story the way I want to tell it.”


Take a breather

Battling both physical and mental health challenges took a toll on her and came her 4-year hiatus to take a breather. Her song “Lose You to Love Me” is all about self-love and realising that she had to leave her toxic relationship to find herself again. Her latest album, aptly-named Rare, is a beautiful tribute to herself, as she basks in feel good spirits. Rare is such hot-demand, it was one of the most highly-search music albums of 2020!

“Took a few years, To soak up the tears, But look at her now, Watch her go” – Song: Look at Her Now, Album: Rare


Pass It On

Committed to helping others through their mental health struggles, Selena launched the Rare Impact Fund. She aims to raise US$100M over the next decade for impoverished communities to better access to mental health services. Looking to contribute to her cause? Shop for gorgeous looks at her Rare Beauty store. 1% of all sales go directly into this fund.

“You are who you are; you’re unique and you’re rare.”



Selena stays confident by being herself in everything that she does. In her song ‘Dance Again’ from the album ‘Rare’ she says: “Confidence is throwing your heart through every brick wall”.

Today, she stands tall, strong and confident and no longer covers her scar from her kidney transplant, broken heart or mental struggle!

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