Stop the stigma on mental disorder

Framing who? If you haven’t heard, there's a documentary titled "Framing Britney Spears" trending now about a star who once held a Las Vegas residency.

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Framing who? If you haven’t heard, there’s a documentary titled “Framing Britney Spears” trending now about a star who once held a Las Vegas residency.

Like many K-pop stars today, she debuted at 18 years old. At this age, we’re usually lost, confused, part-angry and mostly bored. Britney Spears took on a life very different from what we know.

Mental health

Anxiety is a condition that can develop in so many situations. Being in the spotlight made her so anxious, even about a single strand of hair being out of place!

After delivering two babies, Britney shaved her head and hit a car with an umbrella. She was seen as having a meltdown. Throughout her childhood years, she witnessed her parents’ fight as her father abused alcohol. Now, her memories caught up with her, and she struggled to deal with her emotions. Her mom believes Britney had post-partum depression.

She also displayed signs of bipolar disorder, showing shifts in her ever-changing emotions.

No money, no friends

She’s been under conservatorship since 2008, with her father appointed as her legal guardian. What does this even mean?

Imagine having no control over your hard-earned money, friends you meet or even a doctor’s visit. That’s a conservatorship, where a legal guardian makes all of your decisions, whether you like it or not.

Road to recovery

TBH, it may be hard to say if she’s really recovering. But she’s definitely fighting back.

For now, she’s starting with taking care of her anxiety issues and refusing to work indefinitely.


Post Framing Britney Spears, celebrities are stepping up to show their love and support for this Princess of Pop. One fan wrote about his incredibly personal experience being a Britney fan and how her fans’ circle helped him pull through his tough times.

You may be curious to know why #FreeBritney is even trending and WHEN this started. Throwback to 2017, two of Britney’s loyal fans launched a podcast about receiving insider’s news on Britney. Now, these two have been following Britney Spears’ social media closely and spotted gaps in her posts.

Check out this link for the podcast where the whistle-blower describes the whole legal issue as “disturbing”.

Britney Spears is still fighting to be her own self again, one day at a time, and her days of the court are far from over. Until then, #FreeBritney.

Mental disorder is like any other physiological disease and people who suffer from it deserves the same compassion, support and dignity. If you know of anyone who is discriminated or stigmatised because of a mental disorder, stand up for this person and  free this ‘Britney’.

Send this to friends to stop the discrimination of mental disorder.



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