Russian Tutor, Boyband competition and Sang Culture

Vladislav Ivanov better known as Lelush is a Russian Tutor engaged to teach Chinese to two Japanese contestants in a boyband reality TV competition in China but found himself as a contestant as well. Introverted and totally uncomfortable with singing and dancing, he quickly regretted his decision but could not back out as he had signed the contract and would have to pay hefty amounts if he’d quit. Week after week, Lelush told fans not to support him only to find himself voted in time and again. Fans found his plight relatable as they decorated him as the ‘the most miserable wage slave’ and an icon of the ‘Sang culture. In china, young adults are experiencing a culture of chronic over-work and a lack lustre life.

While, many of us would dream of being a celebrity and give it all to achieve this, Lelush is admirably clear about the life that he wants, or in this case what he doesn’t want. Even with his good looks and decent rapping, he is realistic about his limitations in singing and dancing. Credit must be given to him as he was clearly tired and didn’t enjoy the long training and practices but continued to do as he had agreed while hoping to get voted out every round so that he could go home. Only in the final rounds was Lelush finally voted out.

While fame and fortune can be enticing to many, the Sang Culture is fast becoming a trend in China and Japan. Young people are increasingly apathetic towards life and losing motivation in work as they deem it futile to chase after wealth and success. While contentment in life is a virtue, it’s a fine line between wanting a simple life and feeling hopeless about the situation that we are in.

If you experience fatigue over a long period and the tiredness doesn’t seem to go away, or loose interest in the things that you used to find enjoyable, it could be a sign that something is wrong. When we continue endlessly on a treadmill of demands, it can cause us to suffer burnout. Knowing how to identify mental exhaustion is critical, as it’s easy to slip into depression if left unabated. Depression can be cured if you get help early.

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