Get positive and go places with Fromis_9

Image : Fromis_9, We go, official video, 프로미스나인 (fromis_9) 'WE GO' M/V

Jump onboard a plane, dive into the ocean, travel the world, Fromis_9 is doing all that right from their very bedroom. Stay Home, stay safe and still hang out with your friends. This Stay Home period can still be fun. It’s really a matter of how you see the situation. Life is usually half a glass of water. If we see the cup as half empty, it will get us down. But if we choose to see that we still have half a glass that is full, it will cheer us up. That is positivity. Here are some ways to get positive.

Watch this video, it’ll cheer you up. Then try a little positivity and get a chance to win $20 gift card of choice when your awesome pix is featured right here in Shadee.care.


Image: Fromis_9, ‘We go’ official video.


So, since we are all stuck at home, Shadee.Care hopes to add some fun and reward you at the same time. Here’s how you can win an awesome $20 gift card for doing what you already do on social media.


  • Sign up as a member at this website. Just click on the Become a Member box below. Here’s more information on how to join

  • Send in a post that would cheer up yourself or your friends. This can be a funny meme, a positive quote or an inspiring story. Remember to add a feature image if your post is a story.


  • You should send in your post by logging into your profile and choosing ‘submission’. Here’s more information on How to submit a post.


  • Post that are featured on the website with a Shadee Pick sticker   will receive a $20 gift-card of your choice. Please see Terms and Conditions.


This Stay Home giveaway is for participants who are below the age of 25 and ends on 13 June 2021. Recipients of the giveaway will be notified by email and prizes will be mailed to Singapore addresses only.

So start posting now! And oh, if you get your friends to vote for your post, you stand a better chance of being rewarded. So, get your friends, have fun and be rewarded!


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