Stay Home Holiday? Let’s beat cabin fever and have a fulfilling June Holiday!

Exams are finally over! But we can’t exactly have all the fun now, or can we? We’ve got some fun tips for you.

How can we still enjoy your break while staying at home? Here are a few tips from us, with the help of some awesome Kpop stars.

It’s about the Tube
With COVID-19 hitting every single part of the world, celebrities worldwide are also finding ways to beat cabin fever.

Here are a few YouTubers with absolutely famous backgrounds and a TON of subscribers to boot.

  1. IU
    The one and only IU has been mentioned multiple times in Shadee.Care as a self-love advocate dedicated to her music, family, friends and fans. Beyond sharing videos of her soulful singing and collab covers, IU shows her real side with interviews. Check out the one with her brother here. Watching her younger brother’s support in his introduction is way too adorable!
  2. Kim Jennie – Blackpink
    She needs no introduction! Hailing from one of the hottest Kpop girl groups, Jennie started her channel on 13 January this year and now boasts over 6.4 millions subscribers. With only FOUR videos, she has commanded over 53 million views. Her channel is an easy one to start with.
  3. Lisa – Blackpink
    With over a whopping 281 million views, Lisa’s videos are well-shot with focuses on her pre-COVID travels. Her latest videos are filmed in Korea. There’s even one with Jisoo!
  4. Mnet K-pop
    For your dose for all things Kpop, this is THE channel to watch! Expect shows like M Countdown, MAMA and even Kingdom: Legendary War hosted by none other than the OG heartthrob, TVXQ.
  5. Baekhyun – EXO
    The last featured channel on our list includes music, food and a corgi! Baekhyun’s channel is a beautiful mix of good things, shot with a selfie cam, giving a very personal view into his daily life.

Boost your love for Kpop, Jpop and music in any other language 
With plenty of free apps available, you can pick a new language without costing anything. What better way to practise than to call your friends and learn it together?

Our libraries provide a whole host of resources for you too. Just make sure to book your visit in advance and adhere to the measurements in place.

Cook up a storm
Inspired by MasterChef Singapore? This is the perfect time for you to step into the kitchen and explore new tastes. Start easy with some no-cook recipes. Finish your meal on a sweet note with no-bake desserts too.

Check out some tips on how cooking can be stress-free and fun!

Everything goes
Got a funny bone? Share funny memes and positive quotes with us and get rewarded for what you always do on your social media. Post that are featured on the website with a Shadee Pick sticker   will receive a $20 gift-card of your choice. This giveaway ends on 30 June 2021. Don’t wait, find out more about the giveaway here.


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