Everyone needs a break, even Jay Park!

It’s ok to start and rest. Everyone needs a break, including Hip-Hop mogul Jay Park.

Finally, the time to rest is here! Everything in school and back at home has changed a lot since COVID-19. School events have been cancelled. We have been working in small groups with our friends, but nothing feels the same anymore.

The good thing is the June holidays are here, and it’s our break to enjoy our time to rest, relax and rejuvenate before school starts again. In fact, there’s a Korean start looking forward to his break too!

Time to stop and breathe
This month, Jay Park announced his upcoming break from July and will only be starting again in 2022.

Since his return to South Korea in 2010, he has been hard at work both locally and in the United States, establishing himself as a promising solo artist.

Trailblazer, a supporter of new artists
Having been through the gruelling days of training with JYPE before debuting as a member of 2PM, Jay Park understands the struggles one must go through to just make a debut.

To propel Hip-Hop as a music genre for more to enjoy, he created not one but two agencies (namely H1GHR Music and AMOG) to train promising artists! In fact, he has so much faith and trust in them, he famously said he doesn’t expect his artists to be profitable since he’s fully capable of making money

Jay works so hard, he’s earned the title “Hustle King” of K-pop. His days of 2PM are long gone, but that has never stopped him from making music.

Some poorly translated messages from his old Myspace account about South Korea made their way to the local media and resulted in him leaving his group. Once back in Seattle, he started a YouTube channel to share his music on his first try as a solo artist.

He’s been so outstanding, in 2017, Jay-Z’s agency signed him on for the US, making him the first Asian American on his agency!

Your turn for some R&R
Looking for some ideas to take a breather, like Jay Park? Check out our list of fun activities you can try! Think easy-peasy recipes to try with your family, learning a new language and more. Psst! We’ve even got a giveaway this month too 😀

We need to practise self-care and self-love by ensuring we’re keeping ourselves healthy both mentally and physically and keep burnout at bay. The journey to happiness is filled with self-discovery and trial-and-error. Be inspired by Selena Gomez or IU, who are great models to learn from.

Image credit: Instagram @jparkitrighthere



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