Loki, the black sheep of the family

I’ll say it here: While many in the Marvel fandom prefer flawless heroes like Captain America and Black Panther,  Loki is one of my favourite characters. It is because he is just like any one of us.

He needed affirmation

I relate so much to him when I realised just how much he was seeking his parents’ affirmation. This is a running theme with quite a number of 2nd generation characters within the Marvel Universe. Loki would either act up when he felt misunderstood or do all the wrong things just to show that he’s got what it takes to rule.

Ever felt like you were never enough? If you come from a tight-lip family, it’s perfectly normal to wonder if your parents really love you. To help you better understand your parents, have a read about the many ways love can be shown. But you know what, some times the best way to receive love is to show love first. And to do that, we really need to love ourselves for who we are. Spoiler here, but I think that the latest Loki series in Disney plus is really that journey where Loki learnt to love himself or another version of himself.

He struggled with being understood

Ever felt like nobody really understood you? I really think that’s why Loki got into so much trouble all the time. He was really that little blue boy that never really fitted in Asgard. The more he tried, the worst it became!

In Asgard or even the TVA, as he tried to explain away his decisions and actions, things just seem to get worse around him. Maybe what Loki really needed is a good way to share bad news to others. The next time you have bad news to break to your parents or anyone for that matter, try our burger approach instead of avoiding it with a white lie.

But he had a sense of humour

Fortunately for Loki, he had a sense of humor and he used that every time something went wrong. If you are caught in a tricky situation, I seriously suggest learning to find humour and positivity in all situations. You’ll find that it’ll be much easier for you to think clearly and not get caught up in all that negative emotions.

He lived up to his name son of Odin

Despite all the misses in his life, his mischief, misunderstandings, and mistakes, Loki finally lived up to everything he was meant to be. In crunch time, Loki was right there fighting alongside his brother and his people in Rangarok, to protect Asgard.  Learning to show up for your loved ones takes courage. I always believe that lifting others up empowers yourself too. Want to get inspired? See how the Refund sisters stand up for each other or Billie Ellish sharing about reaching out to someone in pain.

I think Loki finally came to terms with who he really is and was meant to be. That is a journey that all of us misfits must go through. But the final realization and acceptance can be glorious.

 Now go hug a fellow Loki in your life.

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