Wolverine and Deadpool – a tale of two frenemies


One took on an iconic role as Wolverine from X-Men, another became the classic anti-hero Deadpool from the Marvel universe. These two larger-than-life actors have always starred in many epic blockbuster movies, but did you know they have one of the most endearing bromances going on? From their little jabs at each other in interviews, movies and even ads, let’s take a look at what a wholesome friendship can look like.

First off, this friendship consists of many playful jabs at each other. Lots of back-and-forth goes down between the two of them, starting off in 2009 when they met for the first time as their respective characters in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Since then, they’ve constantly teased each other through movies, interviews and social media.

Case in point: Deadpool wearing a cutout mask of Hugh Jackman

Image: entertainment.ie/trending/ryan-reynolds-hugh-jackman-friends-feud

And Jackman responding with an Instagram video wearing a cutout mask of Reynolds:

Know the limits of a prank

The best thing about this feud is that they never took things personally and have always been respectful of each other – no low blows in attacking family members or those not involved in this dynamic. Something to keep in mind even when we play around with friends! Although it’s all fun and games, respect boundaries and acknowledge that some areas are off limits for certain people.

All in the name of support for each other

The added wholesome layer on this bromance cake is that these effortful attempts at “slandering” the other party are usually to publicise and support what the other party is involved in. Take for example, the ads they made for each other during their supposed “truce”. Jackman has a company called Laughing Man Coffee, while Reynolds co-owns an American gin company, Aviation Gin. Reynolds played the game by singing praises about Laughing Man, whereas Jackman missed the memo and went in the other direction, dropping burns on Reynolds (but still saying the gin’s good). However, much to his horror, he realised Reynolds held true to his end of the bargain.

Of course, it’s all an act, but amidst this kind of Tom and Jerry dynamic between friends, it’s important to show that you do care and support each other. This is a perfect way of keeping the teasing going on, while still having positive outcomes out of it.

Don’t assume your friend knows that you care

Oftentimes, we take the friendship for granted and keep playing on that “feud” mentality, without sometimes taking a pause to remind the other person that you do indeed care for them!

Go ahead, do something to show that you really care!



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