Jujutsu Kaisen – Defying All Odds

Known for it’s awesome animation and captivating story, Jujutsu Kaisen is definitely a hit amongst anime-lovers. Who doesn’t love a good fight against curses and demons? The characters each have their own backstories, with different motivations for their fight against evil. They also work with “cursed energy” in their battles, which becomes a main component for the “value” of a sorcerer in this series.

Then, what becomes of a sorcerer who doesn’t have a strong cursed energy? Not all of us have innate talent, and Maki Zenin is such a character which defied all odds to become a masterful sorcerer in her own right. Here are some learning points we can gain from her story.

1) Make your strengths and abilities work for you

Image credit: Tumblr

Despite being born into an elite family known for having strong cursed powers, Maki received the short end of the stick and was rejected by her family, being casted out as a good-for-nothing. Yet, Maki turned this narrative on its back by working around a lack of cursed energy by becoming a master in physicality and weapons.

Although many people and situations remind us of our lack of abilities, there is always an alternative to being able to perform and achieve your goals. Don’t be blinded by your weaknesses and end up forgoing your own strengths! Trust that what you have is enough and be with people who support you for that.

2) Don’t hide your talents and skills behind false humility.

Image Credit: Tumblr

In the same vein, each of us will have something that others can learn from. While Maki is a strong-willed character, she lacked confidence and still has her own insecurities to deals with constantly. However, that is resolved when Yuta decides that Maki is his role model.

We can get fixated with the inner voice that puts us down and brush aside the good that others see in us. Give those encouraging voices a chance. Sometimes a compliment is a compliment. There’s a difference between being boastful and taking pride in your hard earned talent and ability. True humility means recognising your ability, putting it to good use and sharing what you know to help others.

3) Define your own worth

Finally, no one but yourself can determine your worth or value as a person. Even though Maki didn’t have cursed energy, she made weapons her specialty; despite being told she won’t amount to anything, she became a mentor for her juniors.

We’re always going to be receiving both negative and positive comments all the time, but you get to choose whose feedback you want to take to heart. A good tip: Don’t take advice from people you wouldn’t go to for help.

Be the Maki you want to see in your life, recognise your potential and be the best version of yourself!

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