Fast & Furious family ties.

Keeping it strong in the F9 family with friendship and harmony


Fast & Furious is back again! This speedy franchise is in theatres with the 9th edition with some new faces too.

Wanna know how big a theme is “family” is in the F&F franchise?

Count the number of times, ‘family’ is mentioned in  this YouTube video


It may seem like the series only has different iterations of car crashes, explosions and fights but it is more than just that. While Fast and Furious may overplay the theme of family resulting in a slew of hilarious memes about family being strong, some of us may actually be quietly wishing we had strong family bonds. Fast and Furious 9, hit my raw nerve by addressing just that.


Redefining family

Throughout the many movies, Fast & Furious has always shown how family can come in many different forms. Some are built on blood ties, others on the spirit of friendship made through shared experiences. Other than blood ties, we may have strong connections with friends, teachers and maybe even older peers. No matter how we define our family, this structure is vital for our personal growth and well-being. Knowing someone else will have our backs gives us the confidence to do our best.

Putting your trust in others 

If there’s one relationship that perfectly shows what trust means, it’s the brotherhood shared between Dom and Brian. They both played off each other’s characters well, and you can see the immense trust they share in the series. Brian O’Connor has been essential in solidifying the family theme and he’s my all-time fave. Family are people who have your back, and Brian O’Connor defines family. Try guessing Dom’s son’s name!

In the world of fast cars and danger in every corner, trust can be an enabler and give people the confidence they need to seize every opportunity. On top of that, family are people who pick you up if you fall and support you till you can make your next comeback. Who do you trust in your circle? How do you feel around them?


Building harmony 

Spoiler here. So, family means harmony and everyone getting along happily? Don’t we all wish! In most families there will always be some who are just plain ‘difficult’. While Jakob may be Dom’s brother-turned-menacing-enemy, we find that Dom is not that perfect big brother bent on keeping family ties. They both have their failings and their back-stories to explain for their parts. So perhaps, that ‘painful’ person in your family isn’t just plain difficult. Maybe that person is different and has a back-story that we have yet to hear about. Try finding out more about what motivates them to behave in a certain way. But do practice effective communication skills to detonate any possible fuse.

So while Dom and Jakob clearly don’t get along, they were at least willing to hear each other’s reasons for their past behavior and to let things slide. For that harmony that we all wish for, we have to put in the hard-work and that often include sacrificing our pride. But it’s a price that is worth every bit of it.


Share with us your stories
F&F is more than just about car chases and explosive drama. It’s about forming familial bonds, with trust and harmony and building the foundation of these relationships. Who are in your trust circle? How did you begin and maintain these relationships? Share your stories with us on Shadee.Care!


Image credit: Universal Pictures, Universal Studios, Insider


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