What If… we can all be Agent Carter?

What If… there are endless possibilities for us?

What if… we can watch the alternate universe unfold before our very eyes?

If you’re here, chances are you’re a fan too. But if you haven’t caught up yet, What If… explores the possibilities and changes that a reimagined Marvel Universe can bring.


Season 1: Captain America VS Agent Carter

It all starts with one question: What if instead of Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter became the first Super Soldier?

Would she do as good a job as Steve Rogers or maybe even better?

What kind of leader and superhero would she be given all that power?

Would she make the same decision that Steve Rogers made to put an end to Hydra?

No spoiler here, but she is certainly one badass superhero! Do watch the show and wow over her amazing fight scenes.

Image: Marvel Entertainment


Season X: You pave your own way


1. Missed opportunities or endless possibilities

Sometimes life throws in a spanner and no matter how hard we try, things may not turn out the way we want it to. But there is always two ways we can look at everything: missed opportunities or endless possibilities.

Missed opportunities

“If only I had been more assertive and volunteered to be class rep, I would have had more opportunities for leadership roles.”

“If only I wasn’t too shy to talk to my crush, maybe we’d be friends now.”

While that can happen to anyone, how we face these lost chances can decide what you do when a similar opportunity arises in future.


Endless possibilities

Here’s another way to look at those same missed opportunities. Reframing or choosing to look at a more positive view of the situation can help us to manage bad feelings about it.

“So I did not become class rep and probably never have a chance to take on big leadership roles for this school. But there will be other opportunities. At least now I know that I need to be more assertive. And besides, I have more time to study as school leaders spend a lot of time running errands.”

“So I’ll never get to know my crush, anyway looking at who this person is with, it would never have worked out with me and it would have ended up badly. Anyway, now I’m have all the freedom to do what I want.”

If you’re ever disappointed with certain outcomes, remember you can decide whether they are missed opportunities or endless possibilities. Taking a negative view and beating ourselves up over missed opportunities can colour our views about our own self-worth even causing us to miss more chances as they arise.


2. Heart or Head
Image: Marvel Studios, Endgame

If you’ve watched End Game, you would have known that Steve Rogers regretted his missed opportunity to confess his love for Peggy Carter. The self-sacrificial choices that he made while benefiting the world, left him loveless for most of his life. Yet, if he had chosen to follow his heart, would he have been able to watch the world crumble and be enslaved by Hydra?

Every decision will have an opportunity cost, it means we have to forgo something else. Yet we must make a choice or stay frozen by our fears and never achieve anything. However there is a way to make decisions that include both our hearts desire and objective thoughts from our head.

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