BTS bringing it to the UN!

With permission to dance and represent you

Are you part of the ARMY? By now, you might have heard of BTS showing up at the United Nations and dancing up a storm! You might have even watched their live performance too.

We were bowled over with their speech at the recent UN. Here’s what we love about it:

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  1. They were appointed by the South Korean President as UN’s Special Presidential Envoys for Future Generations and Culture.And they took on the role perfectly! With over 90 million fans worldwide, who can better represent us other than BTS??
  2. They shared our voice, frustrations and hope. Many of us faced cancelled events like graduations, school concerts and even physical classes. BTS was no different! They even cancelled their concerts L While being physically away from our friends and school may feel like a downer, we have more to look forward to.
  3. COVID’s Lost Generation no more. We are and will be the ‘welcome generation’, as we keep our heads up and spirits high, and look forward to forging our own paths.


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“We are today’s generation as well as the future generations, we still have our lives ahead of us.” – RM

“I believe they are a very special group as they are returning the love they receive from their fans all over the world through spreading positive influence.” – President Moon Jae-in

“Despite the pandemic, people were staying positive, saying they did not lose sight of their dreams and passion despite the difficulties they were facing.” – J-Hope

“Let’s join hands together and work together so we can build a better tomorrow.” – J-Hope


How can you join BTS and support their goals?

BTS has been the beacon of light for many and their music spreads positivity! You too can do the same. Check out our hacks to build and share their positive energy.

This attendance is actually their third involvement with UN. They have embodied the promise of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Leave no one behind! Let’s work together and help our friends in need by starting helpful conversations.

Remember: you’re not alone. Your friends aren’t alone too. Your Shadee.Care community is here for you.


Image credit: CNET, United Nations


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