Mind Wars – Recruiting heroes who know about battling mental distress

We are validating you for battling mental distress. Share with us what you do and we'll appreciate you with this giveaway.

Share about your mental battles with us

While the world has been battling with the virus’s, many of us have fought inner battles of the mind that has caused us emotional distress. But it’s tough to defeat an enemy when we fight alone. We need fellow comrades and more importantly, we need veterans who have fought battles of the mind to share with us their experience.

If you have fought mind battles of crushing discouragement, depression, anxiety, complex grief, OCD, trauma, mental distress of caring for a loved one…, we need you!

Share with us how you battle those negative thoughts and get through a disrupted day.

Send to Shadee.Care, a meme, a quote or a story. We know that no amount of reward will commensurate with the hard-earned experience that you share, but we hope to appreciate you with a token. Post such as a meme, quote or short text with image that are featured in Shadee Pick Winner will get a $20 gift card. If you send in your personal story of how you fight these mind battles, the reward will be doubled.


Here is how you can send in your contribution:

  • Sign up as a member, if you are not one already.


  • If you are a member, go to Homepage and login to your account.


  • In your account, choose ‘submission’, ‘add new post’.


  • Choose a format, either ‘Story’, ‘Meme’, ‘Video’, ‘Gif’ or ‘Image’ for quotes. Then send us your awesome creation. Here’s more information on How to submit a post.


  • Post that are featured on the website under Shadee Pick Winners, will receive a gift-card of your choice.


  • This giveaway is for youths below 30 and students with Singapore address only. Your age and address will be required for verification to receive the giveaway. Please see Terms and Conditions.


  • Then look out for your amazing post on Shadee.Care website and social media.


This giveaway ends 30 Oct 2021. So, sign up and send in your post now!

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