Stress out to chill out with Selena Gomez and Billie Eilish

Stress hits everyone. Selena and Billie show you the way to internal peace.

Stress!!! It hits every one of us in so many ways; we don’t understand how everyone gets stressed over so many different things!

The same goes for big stars like Selena Gomez and Billie Eilish too. With the pandemic keeping everyone in a constant state of uncertainty, it all piles up to more stress and anxiety.


Therapy + Creative Outlet + Bedtime Routine

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As a talented musician, Selena Gomez is no stranger to the creative process behind tunes. In this video, she starts off by sharing the importance of self-care, especially in times of immense stress.

First in her video: DBT books! What’s this, you say? Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is a therapy that helps change negative thinking and promote positive thinking. For Selena, tackling one chapter a day is a daily affair.

Next, she shares her makeshift space where she unleashes her creativity while staying at home. Lastly, she goes through her nightly unwinding routine of taking a walk, having a relaxing shower before crawling into bed with her puppy and her trusty stash of facial mists.



Family + Hobbies

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For someone who didn’t know if she’d make it to 17 years old (!!!), Billie Eilish has been speaking up about the mental health struggles she’s been experiencing. With an incredibly successful career, you might think she’d be having the time of her life. But, having fame and success at a young age is challenging to manage. When we’re growing up and making mistakes, Billie was stuck on magazine covers with people constantly scrutinising her.

To cope with all that stress, she seeks comfort in her family. Her brother and writing partner, Finneas O’Connell, has been her rock through tough times. Another coping mechanism she learnt is horseback riding!


What’s your thing?

Everyone has a different way of dealing with stress, including K-pop stars. Check out how they chill out and keep calm.

Have you battled emotional struggles like these celebrities? What do you do to cope and get back on your feet?  Share with us on Shadee.Care!


Image credit: @selenagomez, @billieeilish



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