K-pop stars face up to insecurities

Dealing with physical insecurities

Have you ever felt like your forehead looks too big or your skin is too dark? You’re not alone. Most of us have insecurities about ourselves and sometimes it’s about our physical features.  In fact, some of the most beautiful people feel the same way too! Wanna know who? Check this list below!

Dark skin = sun-loved

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Every skin is beautiful! No matter your skin colour, a healthy you is gorgeous you. Some of these K-pop superstars feel insecure about their naturally tan skin, especially in an industry and country where fairer skin is preferred.

TWICE’s Tzuyu mentioned she never thinks about her skin when she records alone. But that changes when fellow member Dahyun is next to her! Fans even joke about Dahyun being the “human tofu”.

The same goes for AOA’s Seolhyun too!


Hold your head up

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This may be the first thing we see of others, so some of us may feel uncomfortable with the way our foreheads look. Who feels the same way?

Bae Suzy may have lots of fans, but she isn’t a fan of her forehead line and baby hairs!

Hands up!

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We all achieve many things with our hands. We eat, write, type and navigate through our days with them. Maybe we see our hands the most! Well, there are a few K-pop celebs who aren’t too happy with their hands.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon said hers are too wrinkly, even though any can barely be seen! IU feels her small hands may make her face look bigger when they are compared.

Dumplings for cheeks.

Affectionally known as ‘dumplings’, some celebs don’t love their cheeks as much as the food! While we may want to look youthful with full cheeks, K-pop stars are constantly worried about looking bloated, especially when they have to be on TV.

Wonder Girls’ Sohee confessed her worries over her cheeks, but fans love them and see her cheeks as simply adorable!

What makes you unique?

Can you imagine if every Kpop star had exactly the same features? We won’t be able to tell them apart! That’s the same with us. Some of our feature that we may not like can actually make us unique.


It’s perfectly normal to have parts of ourselves we prefer over the others. Some days we might feel our best, on other days, we may feel like we don’t look as nice as we usually do. That’s normal too. What’s important is not to obsess over any particular feature and fail to see the other beautiful parts of you.  We are all beautiful on the inside and outside in different ways.


Image credit: Tzuyu TWICE Cambodia Fanpage, Netflix, JYP Entertainment


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