The Road to Recovery: K-pop style

Beating mental illness, one step at a time

Behind the flawless makeup and impeccable get-ups, K-pop celebs get hit hard when it comes to mental conditions. But this is only the beginning. Find out how some of our fave stars beat depression and other mental illnesses to bring the healthiest version of themselves to the stage and beyond.


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HyunA and her trio of solutions

With her on-point dance moves and vocals, you’ll be surprised to know that HyunA actually suffers from depression AND panic disorder. She revealed in 2020 her condition on a TV show and was upfront on her journey to better health.

Her initial plan of hiding it worked at first but backfired on a filming set. Hoping to provide clarity for the team she was working with, she shared her diagnosis.

How did she get better? By taking medication, saying no and doing a simple exercise. By turning down work, she was able to take time for treatment. Her little trick is closing her eyes and imagining a pendulum swinging back and forth. Then, her eyes follow this pendulum 30 times until her mind empties. By combining professional treatment, medication and her pendulum trick, she is heading to a healthier tomorrow.



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Day6 Jae’s “car incident”

It all started with his heart racing and hyperventilating during a car ride to the hospital, which gave Jae the answers he needed about what he has been struggling with. Panic disorder.

And the car incident was the first panic attack that led to his diagnosis of panic disorder. Like HyunA, he also started using medication to address his mental health. But, while he feels better, medication is only an enabler for better personal well-being, not the end solution.

As a K-pop artist, Jae has been very vocal about his condition with his fans. He now shares awareness on mental health through his social media platforms.

Read his full in-depth interview here.



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Pain to Gain with Suga’s lyric composition

Loyal ARMY will know this. Suga struggled with depression since his early days. Still, instead of hiding it, he faces his condition bravely. He pours his emotions and thoughts into songwriting for BTS and other musicians. For him, music is therapy to heal himself while allowing him to spread mental health awareness.

Like the waves of the ocean or the weather, both negative and positive emotions come and go. For Suga, hearing how his lyrics and music consoles others affirms his motivation to continue his artistic drive.


Where are you in your journey? 

If you or anyone you know is facing any mental and emotional struggles, remember you’re not alone. Get a mood check. Help is around, and we can journey through this together.


The methods and approaches suggested refer to those used by the celebrities. These are not recommended as therapeutic approaches for everyone. Please seek professional help to get an accurate diagnosis and therapy for your specific area of need.


Image credit: The Star, Asian Junkie, Allkpop


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