Dune – Paul Atreides

Dune, taking on a world of responsibilities and magical powers

Dune is beautiful. Just stunningly beautiful. If you’re not a fan of Dune, never read the books and don’t intend to, you’ll be in awe of the beauty captured in this film.

With that said, let’s get down to the hard stuff. The movie is intense beneath the layers of perfect lightning and whips of sand and spices in the air. But underneath the dunes often lies a hero’s journey, Pauls journey and perhaps yours as well.


Son of Duke Leto of House Atreides, Future ruler of Caladan


Born with heavy responsibilities, Paul was trained by his father’s aides. He faced the pressure of meeting his father’s expectations as ruler someday. His mother, a student of the Bene Gesserit, taught him to wield the same advanced and mental abilities she has.

With such powerful lineage and skilled mentors, Paul is destined for greatness. But he is troubled. War looms against his family, and he is well aware of the possible misfortunes ahead.

How do you feel about Paul having to fulfil his destiny as future ruler and The Chosen One? Do you ever feel like you have to  meet up to your parents expectations? For Paul, these expectations were clearly spelt out. Sometimes, these expectations are percieved in other ways. Clarifying these expectations can really help to take the load off our shoulders and even improve our relationship with our parents. Try having a chat about expectations with your parents. Not easy?, Try the Burger approach.


“The Voice” 

If you think being the son of a powerful ruler under Padishadh Emperors is tough, that’s only the beginning! Being the first son bearing powers from the Bene Gesserit just complicates matters even more!

Paul was never meant to exist or even be trained by his mother. His ultimate test (so far) in having the blood of the Bene Gesserit is having to prove he can manage his emotions, and rise above fear and pain. In this test, he also had to control his emotions and even his mother too!


Facing the unknown 

Timothée Chalamet’s character is only starting his journey into the harsh desert and unknown future. However, having the blood and training of the Bene Gesserit gives him a glimpse of what to expect with his blurred visions.

Having the weight of an empire on his young shoulders, Duke Leto Atreides guides Paul slowly but surely into the new world. Then, in one day, his world crumbled into nothing, and he lost his community, his safe world.

He was driven to the desert by his enemies to fight the harsh elements and giant sandworms. All these can break a person.

However, Paul forged ahead with his mother, Chani and company, out of duty to his father and the House of Atreides.


What would you do? 

Do you identify with Paul’s journey? Does the weight of expectations, ensuing emotions resonate with you?

If it does, you are not alone. Growing up, and moving from one stage of life to the next can be daunting. Please respect the emotions that you experience be it feat, disappointment or anger .  Don’t bury the emotions in the sand but work on managing these emotions.

We are have big goals and dreams and keeping them in the horizon is important. Getting there sometimes requires a few steps forward and some step back. Adopting a growth mindset will help Paul or ourselves move forward, even when the life ahead seen uncertain.


Image credit: Warner Brothers

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