Only Murders In The Building? Selena Gomez is in trouble!

Selena Gomez distangling emotions and finding yourself by solving murders in the building

Have you heard??? Selena Gomez is in trouble! Or rather, her character, aka Mabel Mora, is facing some issues living by herself in an upscale apartment building in New York.

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Selena stars in Only Murders In The Building, which is hilarious with its slapstick gags and clever lines. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must-watch! In this show, she teams up with Steve Martin and Martin Short to form the investigator-trio.

For now, we’ll settle with understanding these characters a little more and perhaps learn from them too.


Mabel Mora

Played by the iconic musical talent herself, Selena transformed herself into ‘Mean Mabel’, a nickname termed by her fellow teammate. Although it may sound like a term of endearment, ‘Mean Mabel’ was coined in a heated argument between the three.

Known for her quick and curt replies, Mabel hid behind a past she could not move on from. A twist in the early years changed everything. Mabel was never able to move on as her mother had hoped. Instead of dealing with emotions, she became withdrawn from her mom and obsessed with solving the decades-old mystery.

Through her time living at The Arconia, she eventually bonded with two boomers over a murder podcast and, along the way, discovered the hidden truth while uncovering her tangled emotions and baggage. Despite a murder, Mabel’s memories at The Arconia remains filled with laughter, mischief and rules breaking.


Oliver Putnam

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A struggling Broadway director. Divorcee. Estranged father. Podcast director.

A man of many hats, Oliver made his mark earlier in life as a Broadway director. But, unfortunately, his following productions were poorly received, and his reputation tanked.

Despite his setbacks, he tried to maintain a positive front throughout the show, maybe he picked up some acting skills from his years of working with actors. While this character traits is  most pronounced staying positive all the time is difficult. Even more so when your friends pick on you all the time.

Have you ever felt the same? Putting on that ‘happy’ front and taking all the punches from the people around you when you really feel demoralised deep down inside? Sometimes, talking about it would help. Try talking to your friends or family about it. But if it’s tough, try getting help from a counsellor. More importantly, find and love the real you and look after that inner person.


Charles-Haden Savage

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A distant memory in people’s minds as TV detective Brazzos, Charles struggled with loneliness. He is just super awkward when it came to making connections with people. His last romantic relationship also made him a full-time bitter and angry man who finds fault with everything in the world.

The only good thing in his life was watching the murder podcast All is Not OK in Oklahoma. But being the loser that he is, even that was disrupted by the apartment security alarm. As fate would have it, in that faithful night where death loomed, he finds himself in the company of Mabel and Oliver. The bond of three was sealed and new ‘life’ took root for Charles. Charles actually grew to love his crime team and felt more alive and purposeful than ever before!

Sometimes, our ‘bad luck’ never seem to end and we can end up thinking that it’s going to be like this for the rest of our life. But wait a bit, don’t get stuck in that mindset. You never know what corner you may turn and situations may change. Hang in there and look out for good stuff to happen.


Form your team, find your community

You may be ‘Mean Mabel’, oblivious Oliver, cranky Charles or whoever you are, there is a community there for you.  Finding your community starts with understanding who you are and what you love. From there, conversations can be easier to start, and support will be closer than you know.


Image credit: Hulu


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