*Self-care December*

We’re going TikTok style.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year~~~! December is really my favourite month with plenty of festive vibes and NO SCHOOL, perfect for self-reflection and self-care too. So here are some of the best tips we’ve found from the one and only TikTok!

But first.

Burnout. Specifically, TikTok burnout. What’s this, you say?

Some of the most famous content creators experienced this and it’s a dreadful feeling of what to create next, combined with a large dose of stress and exhaustion.

Burnout isn’t new though. Parents, working adults and especially health care professionals are feeling it strongly. Combined with the ongoing pandemic, burnout is even more intense and widespread!

Word. By Sha Crow and Charli D’Amelio.

With a whopping 130M followers, Charli hardly needs an introduction when it comes to TikTok. Revealing her anxiety and stress dealing with the negativity on her “2 Chix” podcast, Charli said it’s “difficult to continue posting on a platform where the people that are watching your videos don’t… want to see you and a lot of the feedback is negative.” With her success, you’d think she has plenty of friends, but she realised her friends were only reaching out to her for collaborations and benefits.

Sha Crow spoke up about feeling depressed too and how he’s struggling to cope with stress. Other content creators feeling this burn include upcoming and established ones, like Jack Innanen who dreads making the next video, and Spencewuah who received so much hate from BTS’ Army.

It’s easy to feel like everyone’s judging you when you’re on social media all the time. We are all humans and we make mistakes. Sometimes when someone points out our mistake, they may really want to help us, not to harm us. Learning to forgive ourselves is key. Having a sense of humour can really lighten the situation too. So try this

Have a good laugh, even at yourself!

This doesn’t seem to make much sense, but once you’ve done it, you’ll get it.  Throwing your self-doubt and self-consciousness out of the window is one way to overcome it, and that is definitely love for you, from you.

Benjamin Kheng is known for laughing at himself with his hilarious TikTok videos, just like the one.

On a more serious note, he sees mental health as highly personal. Some can beat their condition with medication, while others may need therapy. We think he’s spot-on since everyone is different and how we tackle our issues will differ too!

Bones/ No Bones Day

Sounds weird, but watch this TikTok. As a pet owner, Jonathan Graziano begins his day with Noodle; his pug will either flop like he has no bones or stands up using his bones!

As silly as a pug, noodle, and bones may sound, this idea priorities self-care. Just like the Noodles, there are days where we may not want to get up and just do nothing, and YOU MUST BE KIND TO YOURSELF! It’s hard to keep pushing ourselves every day, and taking some time is key to making sure we’re in the pink of (mental) health.

It’s tricky to do Bones/ No Bones every day since we have school sometimes and other activities, but let’s take this month to relax and recharge.

In case you’re wondering, on Bones Day, Jon tackles his to-dos like never before, including the ones he was supposed to do on No Bones Day.

If these tips aren’t working for you, build your very own self-care plan by following our handy guide.

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Image credit: Getty Images, @benjaminkheng, @jongraz, Brittany Worgan, BBC


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