Spider man, finding your way out of problems

Spiderman No way home but always a way out of problems


Spider man, no way home is a box office smash hit that you don’t wanna miss.

In this movie, Peter Parker seeks Dr. Strange’s help in removing every trace of him in the public world, leading to mayhem unleashing. No spoiler here, just some deep spider senses that goes beyond all the action.

With his identity revealed, life is no longer the same as it was, not only for Peter but also his friends. Due to their association with Spiderman, Ned and MJ find every University application rejected. Hence to fix the dismaying situation faced by his friends, Peter approaches Dr. Strange to use his magic to fix his life and return things to the way they were before. But, little did he know, Peter would end up dealing with more than he could manage.


Peter’s mess had a lot to do with him being scared and he had every reason to be, cos fitting into the shoes of Tony Starks is a colossal challenge. Ever felt that way? Overwhelmed by the expectations and responsibilities that await you in the future? Or maybe, you feel like you blew it, just like Peter, made some dumb choices or too many mistakes along the way.  It’s normal to feel lousy but don’t make big decisions about your life when you are feeling at the bottom of the pit.


Here are 4 things Peter Parker could have done instead. 

Pause and breathe

Like in any emotional and confusing situation, pause and take a moment to breathe. When we are calm we have a clearer head to think better and understand what went wrong. Read this to tame those unruly emotions


Forgive yourself.

Everybody blows it some time or other. It’s human to be disappointed with ourselves if we contributed to the problem. But beating ourselves up is not going to help an already bad situation. Try apologising to those who are hurt as a result of our action. Then forgive yourself cos you are only human.


What are you thinking about?

What are your fears, anxieties and apprehensions about? While its normal to feel these emotions, knowing what drives these emotions can help us to verify if these feelings are valid. Often what drives these emotions are certain thoughts about ourselves, people and situations that keeps playing in our mind. Knowing how to challenge negative automatic thoughts can help us to better assess a situation accurately.


Fixing the problem.

With calm emotions and the right thoughts, study the problem to find your best way forward. Knowing the root cause of the problem can help you find the right solution and prevent it from happening again. Consider the personal strengths that you have and the resources available.


Sometimes, a closed door, a detour or a hurdle could open new opportunities for us to write a happy ending for ourselves. So be patient, things will turn around as we rebuild our spider web one web at a time.

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