Snowdrop, Jisoo, Jung Hae Im, the hope of this season



Snowdrop is a must watch, whether you are a Blink or not. Here’s why.

Jisoo is amazing!

Her portrayal of Young Ro, a plucky and spritely university student living in a all-women’s dormitary in the 1980’s is so convincing I often forget that it’s Jisoo of Black Pink playing that role. She does an incredible job delivering varied emotions that comes with every plot twist without over-doing it. Just as endearing is the chemistry between Jisoo and Yung Hae-In, as they sweep you off to their world of innocent yet awkward first love.


Beyond history

The series has been a hotly debated topic with many petitioning for it to be taken off-air due to historical inaccuracies. As an International audience, I took this opportunity to read up about the facts of what happened in Korea in 1987. The Directors positioned Snowdrop as a love-story set against the backdrop of a student riot where many protestors were hurt and some even killed. What saddened me is the harm and loss of lives that happened at that time. Surely, there must be a way to handle differences without resorting to such a catastrophe.

On a personal level, some of us may have experienced desperate emotions when life does not trend the way we hope for either in school, jobs, family or friends. It’s totally human to feel primary emotions that are negative when our plans fail and life seem to be crumbling. But we need to take time to understand our emotions and think through the consequences of every decision and action. Harming yourself and others is never a solution to any problem. History allows us a retrospective view to life. We always see clearer when we have a far-sighted view to life and the problems faced today.

Snowdrop – the meaning is Hope

The Producing Director shared that the title of the show takes it’s name from the flower Snowdrop that stays alive in the midst of winter, piercing through the snow despite the harsh conditions. It symbolizes that ‘if you hold out a little longer, spring is coming’.

The essence of hope is not wishful thinking or expecting miracles. Realistic hope is based on having a goal, a plan and inching your way towards it despite the dreary conditions. No matter how dismal things are, dare to hope in this year 2022.

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