Delays and detours that make Kpop stars

Bang Chan of Stray Kids, Jihyo of Twice and Zendaya, how delays and dissappointments forged their success.

So it didn’t happen, someone else is celebrating when it should be you. When it comes to such disappointment, it’s good to own up to it and admit how you feel. Take your time to feel the feels and mourn the loss. Then get on to make plan B. Delays and detours happen. Sometimes these can prove to be ‘not so bad’ after all.

We take a look at a Bang Chan of Stray Kids, Jihyo of Twice and Zendaya, and how the delays have made them into the mega celebrity of today.


Positive perspective- Bang Chan

Image: SKV Vlog, Bang Chan

Bang Chan, leader of Stray Kids, lead singer, rapper and occasional choreographer, also writes and produces for his own group. But this amazing artist took 8 years to debut as a Kpop star. That’s two years more than what an architect or doctor needs to become a professional.  During the course of his training, Bang Chan saw countless other fellow trainee debut before him including Got 7, Twice and Day 6.

Bang Chan said in a recent interview that throughout those 8 years, the biggest pressure is not knowing what would happen. Whether he could make it, where it would take him and if it would go where he wanted it to go.

Positivity is choosing to look at what you still have despite the losses, rejection and failures. It was this point of view that helped him through that journey. Rather than think that he was left behind and not good enough, Bang Chan told himself, “But I’m still here, so there must be a reason. I just need to keep trying”. Maybe that’s why Bang Chan is everyone’s hyung.


Press on – Jihyo

Image: https://youtu.be/Z3uBgd76Pik

It was a 10-year battle to debut. Jihyo is the epitomy of resilience and endurance. By the end of 2014, Jihyo was in 6MIX and ready to debut. However, the group was scrapped when a member left the group. Jihyo persisted. Then came the demands of reality show ‘Sixteen’. Jihyo was criticized by fans and a photographer for looking fat in a photoshoot. In fact, a fan once shouted out that Jihyo’s favourite sport is weight-lifting. For an industry where ‘thin’ is everything, imagine how destructive such a comment can be. But Jihyo pressed on with her training and resolved to debut. Hence, when Twice was formed and they were choosing a leader, Jihyo’s maturity and experience shone through and she was unanimously voted as the leader.


Your past becomes you – Zendaya

Actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer and author of a book. “Between U and Me: How to rock your tween years with style and confidence.”

With that under her belt, it’s hard to imagine that Zendaya is only 25 years old. But this multi-talented celebrity has been praised by many of her co-stars not just for her talents but for who she is. Timothy Chalamet, her co-star in Dune, says Zendaya is one of the most grounded people he’s known and having her around helps him manage the pressures of working in a very demanding industry. Tom Holland her BF, says that Zendaya is a wise owl, a shoulder to cry on.

How did Zendaya get to where she is, not just as a star but the person that she is? We think it has to do with the long journey and many hurdles she’s had to overcome. More so, it’s her work ethics, going for what she wants and what she believes in.

In her first audition with her school production of James and the giant peach. She auditioned for lead but was cast as a silk-worm with no lines. But her perspective was not to focus on being a second-liner. “I killed it,” she said. “I was a worm, but I was reacting and giving face, and I was the best dang silkworm there ever was.”

Then she auditioned for Selena Gomez Sears commercial and ended up as backup dancer.

At 14, she auditioned for lead in Disney Channel’s ‘Shake it up’ and was given the role of Rocky Blue instead. Fan’s have mentioned that her dancing and singing out-shone the lead actress most of the time. But Zendaya put in all she had as a supporting actress and won lead roles in Disney Channel movies like Frenemies and (2012) and Zapped (2014).

All those years of ups and downs and learning to put in all you’ve got even though you deserve more, has made her one of the most gritty and self-assured celebrity that she is today. Her growth mindset never allows her to feel defeated by set-backs. She says, “It’s funny where things evolved from and it’s cool to start small.”


What about you.

Yup, looking at another person’s success story may not make it any easier to swallow disappointment. But what may seem like defeat to you can actually be the substance that will make you shine even brighter at another appointed time. That undeserving poor grade could mean a more brilliant and better future you. It’s up to you to choose.

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