Arcane – Your past does not define you.

Our childhood shapes us, but does not need to define us

Arcane, an animated Netflix series, took to the (computer) screens much to the delight of League of Legend fans everywhere. Although it is based on a game, the characters’ stories are beautifully woven and developed – many of the main characters start off as teens, each experiencing different events which influence their roles as young adults after the time skip.

Some fight against their circumstances, some succumb to it – let’s take a look at some of these characters and how their childhood shaped them.


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The big sister, the capable one who speaks with her fists. Even as a teen, she is daring and ambitious, sometimes to the point of recklessness when she almost puts her friends in danger during a mission. Constantly being the one others looked up to (and living in the footsteps of her similarly influential father) meant that she carried that burden even when she could not have done anything about it.

We may blame ourselves for past mistakes, but it is also important to reflect and consider how that affects us in the present – do we allow those mistakes to cripple us from making decisions, or do we grow from them and let it motivate us to be the best we can be? As we grow, circumstances change and we acquire new skills and knowledge too. Have a little faith in yourself and take that step forward!


Image Credit: https://www.ungeek.ph/2021/11/5-reasons-we-stan-viktor-from-arcane-league-of-legends/

As someone from the undercity who went to the topside as a scientist, Viktor always felt his history was something he could not be proud of. Yet, it was his past that rooted him in his values to always develop science to help others.

Some of us may feel the same way too, where we don’t feel proud of where we came from. While we cannot change the past, the future is definitely in your hands to define! Who you were in the past does not need to determine who you are and will be.


Image Credit: https://www.upcomer.com/there-will-be-a-season-2-of-arcane-according-to-riot-games/

Initially called Powder, the name Jinx stuck because of a careless remark made by her sister, Vi. After the time skip, Jinx did a total 180, compensating for the sense of abandonment she felt because of the actions of Vi.

Similarly, significant events in the past can leave a huge impression on us. We especially tend to counteract negative experiences and end up overcompensating for it, constantly running away and never truly facing the impact it had on us. It is ok to stop and reflect once in a while and allow yourself to feel the hurt from the past, so that you can let go and continue moving on positively.

We definitely are shaped by our past experiences, especially during the formative younger teenage years. However, it is within all of us to reflect and determine what we want to do with them as we continue forging positive experiences for ourselves.

Which character do you relate to and what would you have done differently?


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