Loving the skin and size you’re in with Rebel, Adele, Lizzo, Hwasa and Xixi!

Chinese New Year’s over! Did you overeat? Did you really? Or did someone make you feel guilty about enjoying your treats? We survived yet another year of less-than-friendly remarks about our bodies, clothes or maybe that second pineapple tart.

Not to worry! You’re not alone. Here are some of our favourite people who faced fat-shaming too.


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“Funny Fat Girl” Rebel Wilson and her Year of Health 

Having the “funny fat girl” reputation, her team didn’t understand Rebel wanted to change that. She did make millions playing roles like “Fat Amy” in Pitch Perfect.

Behind her comic characters, Rebel struggled with food and used it to cope with her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome diagnosis. Being XXL and confident is one thing, but emotional binging is another.

In 2020, she embarked on her year of health, where she chewed every bite 30 times and lost plenty of weight! Rather than focusing on a number, Rebel celebrated small wins and maintained her healthy body in 2021 with just walks!


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Adele’s winning in work and in life

Her winning strategy for her super healthy and strong body is working out really hard with zero dieting for this songbird. And here’s the thing: the focus is getting stronger and healthier, never hitting a size or number.

In fact, she’s been so appalled by the attention she received over her weight loss that she’s hit back on people glamourising her new size.

“If I can make my body physically strong, and I can feel that and see that, then maybe one day I can make my emotions and my mind physically strong.”

The progress she made as a person is remarkable in her albums! When she first started out, she fought hard with understanding who she was, and her music reflected just that. Her latest album, 30, embodies the growth of a divorced mother with her Little Love.


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Lizzo, the Queen of self-confidence

She needs no introduction when it comes to fat-shaming. Last year, Lizzo had a teary IG Live session where she responded to the wave of fat-shaming and racist slurs. Lizzo has been incredibly outspoken about the representation of all sizes and shapes! Like Adele and Rebel, Lizzo’s goal has never been about losing weight.

Her regime consists of workout sessions and healthy eating! Plus, have you seen her make-up free looks? Those skin-loving vitamins are working just as hard to give her that beautiful natural glow.

Watch the Queen of clap back in the latest collab with Cardi B here!


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Hwasa reminding us we’re beautiful

Fat-shaming, of course, isn’t limited to Western artists! Even K-pop celebs aren’t spared the nasty words. Hwasa, known for her tanned skin and curvier-than-most body, has been targeted too!

She related a particular incident to her fans. An instructor remarked: “You are unique, and you sing very well; however, you are fat and not pretty at all.” To this, she told her fans: “If I don’t fit into this generation’s beauty standard, I will have to become a different standard.”

Hwasa beat critics down with her hit “Maria”, serenading words of empowerment to all. Her talent has also been featured in Dua Lipa’s “Physical”.


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SG’s very own Yuan Yuan Yuan

You may find her familiar, even if you don’t watch TV much! Xixi Lim has been fronting plenty of shows and ad campaigns, winning hearts with her positive and bright attitude.

That attitude helped her survive the harshest comments, especially those about her weight. Beyond the character name in Ah Girls Go Army, Xixi hopes to change stereotypes about plus-sized people through her ambitions. Her next goal? Losing weight healthily!

She used to cry over hurtful comments, but today, she faces them with positivity and continues to work hard for herself and her fans.


Do you face fat-shaming too?

Tell me about it. This topic is nothing new, and it’s practically an annual event for some of us! For some of us, such criticism can cut really deep and the words keep playing in our minds. But we can get rid of those self-condemning thoughts. We can’t change what people say about us, but we change how we view these comments!

Psst! Are you curious about why we feel the way we do whenever we receive specific comments or even say these things? Check out our post on schemas, AKA, real-life filters.

Just remember, you’re never alone, even when it comes to eating just another love letter. Need a boost to stay cool? Hang out with your Shadee.Care team and tell us how you conquer fat-shaming.

Image credit: Darcy Hemley, Vogue, Atlantic Records, RBW, @xixilimofficial

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