All of Us are Dead! Anti-zombie protection from school stress

TAs are coming for us. Will you bite or get bitten?

The year has only just started and feeling like All of Us are Dead? Maybe viruses don’t really make zombie’s out of us but school assigments and projects certainly can! 🤯

Let’s look to the cast of the trending Netflix drama for inspo.

On-jo – maximum survival, maximum results

Armed with excellent survival skills thanks to her dad’s job as a paramedic, On-jo has been more than helpful. Her huge heart to care for her friends was a booster to everyone’s morale too.

Despite being just plain terrible at her studies, she is still eager to do better with her never-give-up attitude! Can you keep on fighting like her too?


Cheong-san – friend zoned so hard!

If you Google for the definition of ‘friend zone’, you’d probably see Cheong-san’s face! After crushing on On-jo for the longest time, everyone in school thought they were dating.

After knowing On-jo is infatuated with Bare-su, Cheong-san’s feelings for On-jo still didn’t change. *Spoiler alert* His resilience won On-jo’s heart later on. Know what you want and stay the course, it will work for your results at the end of the day and maybe even winning over your crush.


Nam-ra – cool as a cucumber

Known as the cold class president with an uncaring attitude for everyone and everything, Nam-ra is the local ice queen. But, as a stellar student, she always topped the class, like term assessments and exams are nothing.

Eventually, Nam-ra begins to care for her newfound friends and uses her smarts to think up new strategies even in most stressful situations. If you are aceing your studies try reaching out to those who might need a bit of help. That’s a sure way to up your happiness level.


Bare-su – former bad kid

Once a part of the delinquent gang, Bare-su turned over a new leaf and stood up to his former bad friends. His strong fighting skills came in handy too, when faced with hordes of zombies.

Sure, he may not excel in much, but he has never failed to step up and volunteer for risky missions. So maybe academics is not your bias but you’ve got other areas of strength too. Use it to your advantage.


Know your strength!

When faced with stressful situations, it’s hard to know what to do! It’s easy to get caught up with everything moving so fast and the mounting demands. Pause, breath, strategise. Pace yourself and prioritize. You need to save the energy for the really important things. A wise way to pull off all the demands and challengers is to know and use your personal strengths.

Can you put your smarts to use and help your friends? If you’re gifted like Nam-ra, you’ll breeze through this.

Not the best at studies like On-jo? Persevere and keep trying! Don’t forget you have other talents too.

Strong like Bare-su or  loyal like Cheong-san? Channel your strenghts to meet the different challengers!

If you are struggling with your grades at this point of time, find your strenghts and use it in everything you do, don’t wait till the zombie apocalypse!


More about personal strenghts,  check out this article on AoT’s Armin Arlet.


Image credit: Netflixkr


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