“Inventing Anna”, Anna Delvey and the perfect life on social media?

Anna Delvey, how to find what really makes us happy

Just two weeks ago, Netflix launched the series, “Inventing Anna”. This series follows the life of a supposed wealthy German heiress and her scheme to live like the upper crust of New York’s society.

Throughout the series, there is a strong reference to Anna’s Instagram account which showcases her carefully curated life with the rich and famous. She snaps photos when she is on her luxurious holidays, captures the moments when she is dining at fancy restaurants or even her visits to the museum.


(Warning: There might be spoilers if you haven’t read her story or seen the series – so be warned!)


Over the series, we see how Anna loves photos of her fancy lifestyle and we see her exploring more lavish locations just to take photos to add to her Instagram feed.

While it’s easy to identify a blatant online fraud, it’s a little trickier when it comes to the subtle lure of the good life. Not going to lie, sometimes I feel the need to get that latest pair of sneakers or to go to that trendy cafe that I see on Tiktok.  Nothing wrong in going to these spots and chilling with friends as it’s always good to treat ourselves once in a while. But it’s always good to be mindful that these things don’t own us and our happiness.

Image Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix

 The story also reveals that Anna poses in photos with the rich and famous just to lend to her online image. We find out later that she did all that to cheat her way to owning expensive luxury goods in her pursuit of happiness. The law finally catches up with Anna and she ends up many years in jail.

It’s common to think that the rich and famous who ‘have it all’ are always happy. The truth is, life is not picture perfect. While everyone puts up their best front on social media, there is often more then what we see in that perfect Instagram shot. There’s really no need for envy, everyone struggles with something or other.

We always try to ‘find’ happiness, like it’s something that is hidden or lost, when in fact it may just be staring at our face all the time. If happiness is your pursuit,  check this out for size. I’m sure it is definitely not the perfect Tiktok edit.

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