BTS Suga, his pain our gain.

Image: BTS Suga, Hybe Labels

Every hero shares some things in common. They have fought battles that most have not, suffered pain beyond the trials of normal life and more importantly, emerged a better version of themselves. Beneath that dizzy glamour of being in the most popular Kpop group in the world, Suga is a person of profound substance because of the battles that he has fought in life. We can learn so much from his songs and his life.


Pain for gain – Agust D

Image: Agust D, MV, Hype Label

Yoongi’s story of hardship is no big secret. From having to choose between spending his last dollar on lunch or taking the bus home, to not getting parental support for his love of music, Yoongi has had it rough growing up. His struggle with depression, anxiety and OCD began in his teen years before the BTS debut and Yoongi recognizes that the disorder will stay throughout his life. However, Yoongi is not one to waste his pain. In his younger days, he would transfer his anger and insecurities into his songs, his lyrics resonating with many of his fan’s own experience. Keeping in shape has also been a struggle as he says that he has a ‘big’ body. He is determined however to put all his pain and struggle to good use. Yoongi says:

“The press is raising issues with the standard of beauty as how thin someone is. On the other side of the world, however, there are those who die from starvation. We should be more interested in that. If I become influential and honorable, I will try to turn people’s attention towards [these issues].”


Understanding others – People

Image: Agust D, ‘People’ MV, Hybe Label

Perhaps it’s all the hardship and struggles that has given Yoongi the depth and insights about life and people. As the calm and collected one in the group, he is not one to lose his cool easily. He says:

“People are bound to become emotional and go to extremes at times, but you can gain a sense of clarity if you just hold on and take a step back.” 

He avoids getting into arguments by taking a step back and observing the situation from a distance.

“When things get heated, I stop everything so that I can think.”

Wanna be more like Yoongi? Click here to manage your emotions better.


A better shade of life – Shadow

Image: Suga, BTS, Interlude: Shadow, Hype Label


At this point in his life, having achieved his life-time dream, Suga has realized what it really takes to make him happy.

“I’ve realised that happiness doesn’t require much, and it can be quite simple. I used to think material things would give me happiness, and I worked hard to achieve them. But when I succeeded, I wasn’t so sure anymore… Perhaps it’s because I now know that material things no longer give me great satisfaction. So now, I try to find happiness in simple things.”

Happiness to Suga is as simple as waking up early and having his morning decaf.

Having gained so much in every sense, Suga still feels that he has ‘lost’ something. He is no longer ordinary. So, while we all want to be extraordinary, Suga recognizes that he can no longer be ordinary. But even that thought holds deep meaning to him, as it implies that as humans, we will always want something that other people have.

Maybe that’s why Suga is lovingly known as the ‘grandpa’ of the group. The wise one with an old soul. One that has fought many battles and with insights to life that only these experiences can bring.


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