We don’t talk about Bruno.

Kidding, we’re gonna talk about Bruno.

The song is super catchy with its upbeat tunes and fun lyrics. But putting our love for ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ aside, we really should talk about Bruno.

Why? Because Bruno has really been a victim of stigmas and harsh labels. Even before we meet him, the song paints Bruno as a troubled person, and everyone’s afraid of him!



What’s his gift?

Everyone in the Madrigal family is gifted differently, except for Mirabel (but we’ll get to her later). So what’s Bruno’s gift? Seeing prophecies of significant and minor impacts.

At Carolina’s wedding, Bruno foretold of impending storms! Yet, his sister took it as Bruno “flooding her brain” and influencing her feelings. Perhaps all he really did was say it as he saw it.


Who knows him best? 

Bruno remained a hidden, unspoken figure of the family. He was seen as the bearer of bad news. Bruno desperately yearned to be home and comfortable with his family despite retreating to the house’s walls and constantly “muttering and mumbling”.

The only one who knew him was unexpectedly Dolores. Her supersonic hearing allows her to hear Bruno and even understand the weight of his gift!


The open secret to one and all

He exercised his gift with many villagers. What did they hear? Bad news! Dead fish, bulging belly and balding!

Even everyone in the village was convinced if Bruno said it, it would come true. As a result, his reputation permeated throughout the town, leaving Bruno with little to no room to love and be loved.



Don’t fret; neurodivergence simply refers to someone’s brain processes, learnings and behaviours which aren’t exactly “normal” or “typical”.

Some of us feel or think differently from others, and that’s perfectly alright. We’re all individuals with some overlapping experiences and backgrounds. However, going through the same journeys and histories doesn’t mean we’ll all turn out the same.

Bruno’s gift perhaps influenced how he thinks and feels, but his love for his family is apparent.


Let’s talk about you!

Like Bruno, sometimes all we need is a little more acceptance and room to express ourselves, even when we go against the norm. Instead of thinking you’re weird, you’re just different.

Likewise, if we have friends or loved ones who aren’t like most, let’s be kind and allow them to express themselves, instead of fearing them and giving in to stigmas and labels.

*Spoiler alert* So what’s Mirabel’s gift? Having a big heart to love everyone, the smarts to mend the relationship between Bruno and the family, and the courage to understand why the house was falling apart.



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