The darkness of success

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The movie is out, and the reviews are raving. But did you know both Robert Pattison and Bruce Wayne/ Batman have been through some really dark times?

The trying beginnings

Other than RP being one of the most recognisable faces in the world and Bruce Wayne being a billionaire, these two characters have more in common than you’d think!

After his performance in Harry Potter as the dashing Cedric Diggory and the fair-faced Twilight vampire, he starred in both blockbusters and independent films. However, RP started facing mental health issues since his Twilight days. (It’s ok if you’ve never heard of Twilight!) He struggled through depression and anxiety while dealing with his superstar status.

Therapy, usually comforting for most, was a source of anxiety for RP too! However, he eventually learnt to live life by accepting it as it comes, as his memories of life before Twilight fades away.

RP even suffered from body dysmorphic disorder and bouts of anxiety, especially right before every red carpet event. Being in an industry where looks are everything, RP had it hard as a young adult.

Image: Twilight, robertpattinsonofficial

Fictional character with real pain 

Just like RP, Bruce Wayne had it hard too. As an only child, he witnessed the murder of his parents and grew up to lead a life of solitude. Despite having immense wealth, his world was dark, cold and lonely.

The movie explores who Bruce Wayne was before he became Batman. While he is written as a night-time vigilante fighting bad guys and saving good ones, he always works alone. Finally, he returns to his massive Wayne Manor and Batcave, where he is mended by his loyal and sole confidante, Alfred. I mean, can you imagine the only constant in your life is an old butler and endless wealth with no one to laugh or cry with?

Robert meets Batman

In the new movie, RP plays Batman, and these two men morph into one. RP carries Batman’s weight and despair, while Bruce Wayne brings darkness into RP’s life.

Filmed only during night time, RP has never been closer to darkness and sank deeply into the depths of the Batcave. Keeping the suit on meant he couldn’t even leave the filming studio for air.

Femme fatale 

As Gotham’s leading woman, Catwoman shows the softness of this cold city as she navigates her own sad past. Taking on this role is Zoë Kravitz, daughter of music legend Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet. Of course, with such famous parents, you’d think Zoë will handle fame like it’s Tuesday. But nope!

Growing up with her father in Miami and constantly being surrounded by glamour and beauty gave Zoë immense pressure to look beautiful and perfect. Unfortunately, being under the spotlight from an early age led Zoë to eventually develop bulimia as a teenager.

Image: Zoe Kravitz_getty images

Growing above and beyond

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. RP, Zoë Kravitz and Bruce Wayne are perfect examples of tough people. Everyone’s journey through difficult periods is different, and we all manage our difficulties differently, too.

For RP, he’s notoriously private, although he has attended therapy previously. On the other hand, Zoë has spoken up about the unreasonable standards for women to look a particular shape or size. Besides overcoming her eating disorder, she now focuses on daily workouts and a nutritious diet, giving her the energy to last through her day. It’s about understanding what your body needs and not caving (see what I did there) into what others expect of you!

Wanna learn how you can swing it and win it? Check out our self-care plan to start your journey to inner peace. Got tips for staying sane and healthy? Share them with your Shadee.Care community here.


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