Turning Red and managing that inner beast

Turning Red and managing that inner beast.

Your heart is racing, blood rushing to your face. You try to speak, but nothing comes out. The only visible change is your face turning red! How about turning into a giant, fluffy red panda whenever this wave of anxiety hits you? Yikes!

I don’t know about you, but Meimei’s life sounds just like mine, except acing the papers is another matter!

When life is a savage beast

For those of us where the beast roars loud in our lives, Mei Mei is so relatable in every way, living with expectations of excelling in school, home and pretty much everything we touch.

It’s difficult meeting those high expectations all the time and it hits some of us harder than most. Like a wave in the raging sea, anxiety may come even when it is not exam periods.

Here’s another Asian who had it tough too; Sandra Oh suffered from depression as a teen! Perhaps that’s how she could channel her emotions into Mei’s strict mom perfectly. But she’s got her clique of best buds to pull her through life.


Billie Eilish and 4*town

Did you know Billie Eilish composed these with her equally-talented brother, FINNEAS? While the tunes may be a tad bit different from what we are used to getting from Billie, they are sung by fictional boyband 4*Town, we get it that Billie knows that growing up can be a beast!

Whether you go by Avocado, Eyelashes or Pirates, fans know that Billie has fought those savage beast in life and pretty much emerged a champion.

Nobody Like U

And that’s precisely how I feel about my crush! (Kidding, I really don’t have one. Yet.) But this song perfectly captures how I would think about my crush if I had one.

Friends are great, but having that special someone really just kicks the ball out of the park, like “they don’t turn my tummy the way you do”. Or can you imagine feeling this way about you, like “you’re never not on my mind” and “I’m never not by your side”?

If you do have someone like that, enjoy the butterflies in your tummy and know it’s absolutely normal to feel crazy nervous around that special someone. What needs a little more attention is turning into a red panda!

1 True Love

This is a sad, mopey number with real strong heartaches for someone. With rain from cloudy eyes to being “the light of my life”, this song definitely represents all forms of lost love.

Sidenote: Going by someone’s house 29 times in a day is a bit much and borders on stalker mode, so perhaps you’d like to gloss over this part.

If you’re feeling like “nothing numbs the pain”, as well as they can, share this song with them and fess’ up! Didn’t get the answers you were hoping for? It’s still a great song to share.

Whenever you’re overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions, it’s easy to get lost and terribly confused. But knowing how to manage those feelings can really help you to stay grounded and focused.

 U know what’s up

Saving the best for last, U Know What’s Up is my absolute fave! Need a boost for your confidence? This song’s got your back. Filled with catchy lyrics and an upbeat melody, I know “I’m gonna hustle every day” just listing to this.

You got this, friend. You did it on your own! So just like Mei Mei’s friends, share a little understanding for those friends who are still in their panda suits?

You’ve got your friends backing you up, too, especially the ones at Shadee.Care. You’re never alone when it comes to facing your inner panda. Help is just one click away.


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