Attack on Titan, Mindsets that change fate

Attack on Titan, how you see your future determines your fate.


The journey of the Survey Corp that started more than 12 years ago has come to an end. Yet Attack on Titan leaves an indelible impression on all of us with it’s profound take on human behavior. We take a dive into the mindsets of the 3 besties, Eren, Armin and Mikasa, to understand how their thoughts and believes had led them to journey’s end.

If you have not read the Manga, this article will have some spoilers.


Eren Yeager – A fate that cannot change

Hero, villain or a victim of his own belief? Eren started out with firm convictions that he will avenge his mother’s death, bring freedom to the people of Paradis and explore the world outside the walls with his best friends. Somewhere along that costly journey, we see the withering of Eren’s initial moralistic goals as he became consumed with fighting the war against Marley at all cost.

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His thoughts were slowly darkened by the myriad of confusing voices infused by the many Titan’s that he consumed. While it may have been difficult fighting those voices in his head, Eren’s fixed mindset never questioned these thoughts, let alone resist them. He believed that they were his own thoughts perhaps because he never believed that he had the power to change his destination.

He told the antagonist, Reiner, “I am the same as you, I didn’t really have a choice”.

The future that he fearfully saw in Season 3 when he kissed Historia’s hand was left to fester in his mind as he mothed into a puppet on a string, pulled blindly by what he believed to be his own fate.


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Mikasa Ackerman –  A mind that will not change

Graduated top cadet in the 104th training corp and the strongest warrior of the survey corp. Her motto in life remained as steely as her fight against the titans.

“There are only so many lives I can value, I decided who they are 6 years ago”.


Unwavering in her dedication to her friends and especially Eren whom she loves, Mikasa’s loyalty is admirable. However, blind-loyalty was her set-back. Being so close to Eren and knowing him so profoundly, she could have done something to prevent his deteriorating thoughts. If she was not so fixated in her views about people, she would have noticed the subtle changes happening within Eren but she stubbornly refused to believe until it was too late.


If you notice that a friend’s behavior is changing please have a talk with this friend. Here are some ways you can have that conversation.


Armin Arlet – Change, even if it cost you everything

‘A person who cannot sacrifice everything, cannot change anything.’ Armin Arlet demonstrated that time and again and most convincingly when he fought the Colossal Titan in Season 3. His dream to see the ocean and outside world had keep him going all those grueling years but he willingly gave it up for the greater good and for change to happen to Paradiz.

“Entrust it all to Eren, my dreams, my life, my everything. The only thing I have to give is this. I know Eren will make it to the ocean. He’ll see the ocean for me”.

As much as he truly loved his bestie, he could see the darkness that was enveloping Eren. When Gabi was caught and anxious about her consequences, Armin assured her that he was not like Eren whose only solution to problems was death and destruction.

However, Armin could perhaps have done better if he had spoken nicely to Eren before the situation got out of hand.

Nevertheless, Armin redeemed himself and the friendship because of his ability to see many angles to the same problem. His adaptability and flexibility of mind is the foundation for his brilliant battle strategies where he outwitted the enemies time and again.

‘No matter how messed up things get, you can always figure out the best solution’. It’s ironical that Eren said this about Armin yet not go to him with his concerns.

Armin, is the only one with the mindset that allows him to be truly free. Free to think for himself, free to recognize problems and make necessary changes, free to seize opportunities to pursue his dreams.


Mindset for change

Change is the only constant in this fast moving world. How we adapt to changes depends on how flexible our mindset is and if we choose to embrace the changes. While persistence and endurance are necessary qualities, using the same untenable approach to solve the same problem will not help us to move forward. We need an Armin mindset to seize our goals and allow us the ultimate freedom that we all want.

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