MAMAMOO, stepping out solo

Mamamoo, Stepping out on your own made easy.

MAMAMOO is coming back! Not in the typical sense, but as solo artists, each showing their strengths to the best.

In 2014, they debuted matching black and white outfits with “Mr. Ambiguous”. Known for their strong vocals, MAMAMOO eventually won two awards for their debut. That includes Rookie of The Year in 2015! Since then, they’ve gone to win many more awards as a group.

In 2022, they’ve evolved and debutting as solo artists, with all four having mini-albums released by the end of the year.

Whether it’s a new project, stepping out into working life or being single again, striking out on your own can be scary no matter how much experiences you’ve had.

Here are some valuable insights we can take with us as we foray into the unknown.

Hwasa – Stay light-hearted 

A seasoned soloist, Hwasa, has her fair share of being in the spotlight. Known for being outspoken, Hwasa has been smashing beauty standards like no other! In an industry where fair skin and slim physique are favoured, Hwasa owns her skin and curves while others fat-shamed her.

It is her attitude that gained her a spot in the comical and musically talented Refund Sisters too. However, despite the success of her solo hits, Hwasa has felt the pressure of the high expectations that has put her in mental danger. 

Her solution:

“I poured out the dark parts of myself in a comical way in this album. Next time, I want to try songs where I can just sing lightly without a thought.”

While we want to be serious about our roles and responsibilites, stay easy and light-hearted about yourself. We don’t need to know it all and have it all together all the time.

Wheein – Growth mindset

Wheein isn’t new to solo activities too! She’s had many successes since the first release of “Easy” in 2018. But her latest EP has caused a bit of a buzz. Released with The L1ve, Wheein decided not to renew her contract with RBW! So what does this mean for the future of MAMAMOO? For now, she’s part of the group till 2023. What happens after that is still a mystery.

Thinking back, maybe her leaving RBW isn’t a surprise. Wheein has been suffering from anxiety which led her to missing group activities in 2019. As an artist, music is her ultimate outlet for her rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts.

Being a soloist is a daunting thought and an exhilarating adventure for Wheein. Moving from group harmonies to free reign of individual expression, Wheein sees her collaboration with her new agency as the next step in her growth.

“I am where I am now because I continue to grow. I do a lot of self-reflection, introspection, and contemplation to be able to show my truest self in my music.” 

A growth mindset means that while we are confident of what we know and can do, we are ever open to new challengers and willing to learn. Failure becomes another chance to recognise what doesn’t work and what not to waste our time and effort on.

Solar – Be positive to keep a sound mind

Putting her “Face” forward, Solar has been busy releasing her first mini-album! With an incredibly outstanding personality (like the rarest MBTI personality type), Solar is focused, driven, and righteous. Combined with her positive attitude, Solar has been working hard to promote MAMAMOO.

Even being as bubbly as she is, Solar is under scrutiny like the other artists. Starting with her weight, she shed light on the pressures of being the right size. Not too skinny, not too big, how does one stay the right size? In an industry where visuals equals your livelihood, it’s easy to get lost in those demands at the expense of what really matters. So, Solar is focusing on staying healthy above all else.

Thankfully, Solar’s mantra of not overthinking and focusing on the big picture keeps her head levelled. Check her interview with Jessi to learn more about Solar’s tip.

” I tend to think simply and try to forget about what makes me feel down.”

Positivity is not unrealistic day-dreaming or pretending that the bad stuff does not exist. Rather it is a deliberate choice to look at the good while working on changing the bad.

Moonbyul – You do you

As the first member to release her debut EP, releasing another is nothing new to her. But this second release features “ddu ddu ddu”, which depicts the heartbreak and yearning for another, is written by Moonbyul herself.

You may think that Moonbyul’s dressing is far too masculine for a female Kpop idol.  But Moonbyul doesn’t feel that she needs to wear revealing clothes to feel feminine

“Just because I’m not wearing revealing clothes, it doesn’t mean I’m not beautiful”. 

While we may have to abide with certain dress formalities and conform to some behaviors, do not be afraid to just be you and allow your uniqueness show.

Find your support

As each member ventures into their individual journeys, they know that they have each other and MOOMOOS as their support.  Venturing out alone can be scary, but stay genuine and friendly and soon you’ll find your tribe to support you.

The road ahead can be filled with endless opportunities, how it pans out depends on how you choose to see it. So look ahead and imagine how things can be for you. And when you get there, Turn back and wave!

For now, let’s hold our breath for MAMAMOO’s team comeback.

Image credit: RBW, The L1ve


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