Mobius – How Jared Leto channels his pain for good

Growing through pain and making that terrible past count.

What started as a cure for his rare blood disease turned our protagonist into a vampire, and who better than the eclectic Jared Leto to star in this dark film???

Beyond his reputation as the lead of 30 Seconds to Mars and actor, Leto’s childhood and journey of growing to who he is today are peppered with pain and suffering.

Once fallen into the complicated world of drugs, Leto is now a changed man and advocate of mental health. Let’s see what we can learn from this mysterious celeb!

Absent parent, drugs and guns

Jared Leto’s troubled upbringing includes drugs, guns and an absent father, who later committed suicide when Leto was 8. Growing up in the shadows of his mother’s love, she brought up the two Leto brothers single-handedly while living on food stamps.

Leto’s turning point came in a moment involving guns and drugs, where he chose to step away from these vices for good.

Talented singer turned mental health advocate

With his band’s history of creating raw and heartbreaking music, it’s no surprise they’ve used their musical talents to address some very relatable topics, specifically, mental health!

Back in 2017, he spoke up on the issue of suicide, while paying tribute to his late friends, Chris Cornell of Sound Garden, and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. They both died by suicide in the same year.

Moving onto 2018, his band released “Rescue Me”, a song dedicated to those needing and seeking help. The lyrics speak of hope, faith and the need for people to band together and pull each other out of dark places.

Listen to “Rescue Me” here! 

Channel your pain

Both Jared Leto and brother Shannon Leto struggled with drugs and troubled childhood, but they rose above and bonded over music.

We all go through tough periods and difficult challenges growing up. Sometimes, we may even feel like there’s no end, and we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Morbius like the Leto brothers created their own light through fighting baddies and music.

You’re never alone, whether you create your own light or look for a shining beacon. Sharing the joys and pains of your journeys makes your adventures more bearable and enjoyable!

Likewise, if you feel your friends or loved ones are in pain, talk with them or refer them to professional help. Together, we’ll pull through anything.


Image credit: Sony, Reuters, Universal


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