ITZY’s Chaeryeong was hated on, yet winning hearts now.

Celebrate her inspiring journey to stardom.

This young and talented ITZY member has been winning our hearts with their sweet nature and friendly personality. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on this amazing birthday girl, Chaeryeong whose journey to stardom has been a rocky one.

Visual hole???

Known for her unexpected sense of humour and selfless personality, Chaeryeong brings smiles to her fans and fellow team members. But her selflessness brings her pain sometimes when she puts the needs and wants of others above herself.

This is most evident when she faced harsh comments about her looks and how she is the “visual hole” or “ugly” one in ITZY. After hearing these judgmental words, Chaeryeong broke down and said how the years she put into being a JYP trainee to a member of ITZY amounted to nothing.

She’s not alone

Facing the same fate as her, former IZ*ONE member and sister of Chaeryeong, unni Chaeyeon shared the same experience of receiving criticism about her looks too!

While some may argue that living with  public comments is part of the package for stardom, celebrities are still human and they feel the pain just like you and I.

In fact the criticisms got so bad that their ultimate fan aka the mother, stepped in and asked netizens to have mercy on her  daughters. Specifically for Chaeryeong, her mother pleaded for kindness for her young daughter who had just debuted. It must have been heart breaking for Chaeryeong and Chaeyeon to bear witness to their mother’s pain in their pursuit to be a a Kpop idol

Midzy to the rescue

Thankfully, Chaeryeong’s life is filled with love from both her birth family and music family! MIDZY spoke up for her when haters actually edited Chaeryeong out of an ITZY group photo. Her fans even went ahead and sued those cyberbullies! Law suites may another thing, here’s what you can do about cyberbullies or help a friend who is faced with it.

While her road to stardom as an artist was paved with struggles of self-doubt, Chaeryeong’s perseverance and dedication to her craft is admirable.

To many non-fans, Chaeryeong does not have the looks befitting an Kpop star but her grit and resilience makes her an outstanding idol to behold.


Also, find out what sparked the photo below!

Everyone’s unique and so are you!

Some of us may have dreams and hopes of becoming someone special and outstanding. Sometimes, the path to that future could be saddled with pain and difficulties.  No matter what mountains you are facing stay true to who you are and what you want. Focus on your strength and keep pushing on.

What are your dreams and how has our birthday girl inspired you to aim for the stars? Comment down below or hit ♥️ to share your love for Chaeryeong!



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