TXT, Minisode 2, Thursday’s Child, what we do about pain.

Songs that share our pain and that reminds us it’s ok to feel the feels.


Everybody hurts! To experience emotional pain is human whether it’s inflicted by someone else’s words and actions or our own doing. We all have our habitual way of coping with such pain. Which song is yours?



Good boys gone bad

I think rage is a kind of emotion that you naturally go through while you’re growing up – Taehyun

Even more so when one is in pain. Anger is a natural primary emotion that strikes us when we feel hurt.  We get frustrated and angry at the person who has hurt us especially if we feel that it was unfair. Anger stems from the amygdala in our brain, an ancient mechanism that was really helpful in the face of physical danger. Especially in situations when we’ve been cornered and need to fight off assailants.

While it’s normal to feel angry, letting it out in unhelpful ways can become a habit that is hard to get rid of. Aggression or unbridled anger where we hurt other people is a learned behavior. There are many ways to manage anger so that it doesn’t become a problem to ourselves and people around us.




Trust Fund Baby

In this world where we are constantly navigating unexpected changes, it’s human to look at someone else with their future all laid out and wished that we had that security as well. Envy is something that many of us feel but few would want to admit. It’s often a feeling that is accompanied by guilt and shame because we don’t want to be seen as ungrateful. Recognizing and admitting that we do envy is not a bad thing. Here is why.

If you ‘wished everythings a lie’, here’s some thing to mull about. There are always two sides to a coin. If you think that Trust Fund babies have got it all, think again. Most trust funds have conditions attached to the privileges. There is never anything that really allows you true freedom to do as you please.

Also, having all the good stuff laid on a person doesn’t always guarantee success if it’s not used wisely.

‘In video games, no matter how many items you have, you’re not always guaranteed success’ – Taehyun



Sadness or Depression

Lonely boy

Have you ever wanted to just curl up in bed and not do anything after a bad patch with someone you care about? Hey, you are not alone. It’s better to admit that we are hurt and feel sorry for ourselves then to pretend that we are not affected at all. Self-compassion is good and we should always be kind to ourselves when we’ve been hurt.

However, beware the slippery slope of rumination. When we ruminate, we replay all the negative thoughts about the situation, what was said and done over and over again. The layers of sadness that we pile onto our brain can lead to depression. Depression is a serious mental health concern that can really robe you of life. Some people are more prone to it then others.

Don’t ‘stay lonely’, share it with someone who cares about you.  If you find that the sadness never goes away and that it’s hard to get out there, be with friends and do the things you enjoy, please tell someone who can help you. Here are some helplines you can call.



Image: TXT at Yes24 Live Hall, photo by Yonhap news agency


Thursday’s child

Navel gazing at mid-week is normal. Thursday is the middle of the week and for some of us, it feels just like that. Stuck in the middle of situations we don’t like, have no control over and not seeing any end in sight.

‘Break-up, glow-up’ was the thought behind the song Thursday’s Child. While it sounds all cool to use that phrase, getting over crushing defeat can seem gargantuan. There is hope. Just take it one step at a time to get over the pain of disappointment. The horizon is endless, for starters try putting on new shades to see the world through different lenses.


“I used to get really sad if my lyrics or melodies didn’t make it in. Now I know there will be plenty of opportunities in the future, and I think I now know how to believe in myself while still acknowledging that the parts that were selected were selected because someone else did a better job.”

“They actually used more of my stuff this time than I expected, so I realized I can just keep doing what I’ve been doing all along. Now I’m fine just as long as I improve a little bit each time.”- Taehyun


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