Celeb dads we love &amp.

This Fathers’ Day, we’re talking about awesome dads who lived through the tough times and rose above to be who they are today.

It’s that time of the year, we start thinking of our dads and sometimes, that’s the only time. Because for everything else, moms usually have the answers. While friends and school add some chisel, parents shape most of who we are and how we will face life challenges when they come.

We’re talking about dads, those who perhaps unwittingly shape us to be who we are today.

Your Korean Dad!

You may not know him by name, but he’s the internet’s resident Korean Dad. In the harsh world of social media, Your Korean Dad has been that voice of comfort, offering a seat at the table for a giant bowl of pho to honest videos about the condemnation of any sort.

Something went into my eye after this TikTok. Everyone wants a dad like that! Nick Cho is someone we can all have more of in this world.

Ryan Reynolds – walking on egg-shells

How can we talk about fathers, without talking about this one? Full-time troll and part-time actor, Ryan Reynolds has been winning our hearts with his pranks and jokes on everyone. Literally, everyone.

Jokes aside, Reynolds’ relationship with his father was a complicated one. Growing up, there was a lot of tension in the household, resulting in him experiencing anxiety. Describing his father, a former cop and boxer as a “skin-covered landmine” and “somewhere between superhero and supervillain”, Reynolds walked on eggshells every day.

Reynolds has since ‘made peace with his own history’. He was by his dad’s bedside when his old man passed away and that history has inspired him to in the movie’s that he produces.

If you hear any self-blaming thoughts in your head, remember you can’t blame yourself for your environment. You can’t take on the burden of parental responsibilities. As children and still living under the same roof, there are limitations to how much we can change anything. And like Reynolds, we can let some things slide.

Justin Bieber – never there

Being a parent is tough. Being an 18-year-old parent is… complicated. Then 18-year-old  Jeremy Bieber was hardly around when Justin was born. Financial instability and multiple run-ins with police resulted in Justin having a barely-there relationship with his father. Jeremy simply felt like he was not ready to raise a kid at that time.

Eventually, Jeremy chose to work on their relationship and introduced music to Justin. Now, they share a close bond. Justin even said he’s closer to his dad than his mom. Justin, who struggles with depression, is in a better place with his inner circle of support who includes his father!

Jeremy Bieber wasn’t the ideal parent and Justin never blamed his dad as he knew the circumstances for the absense. Is your dad behaving in a way that you feel is not justified? Well, maybe we could do ourselves a favor and find out a fuller story about their lives to understand them better. That’ll help heal some of those wounds and close the relationship gap.

Where are you at when it comes to your father?

This is a tricky one. Some of us come from stable homes, and some of us are in different situations we might have trouble talking about. That’s ok.

Regardless of what your father is like, you are your own person and you can shape who you want to be. Our past may form the foundation of us, but it is up to us to ultimately reach the final form. Hey, we may be parents one day, right?

No matter where you are, you’re never alone. No matter the title, you are loved and appreciated more than you realised.

Image credit: WireImage, Tumblr, YourKoreanDad, Vision PR, Indigo Music


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