Dealing with Labels – Lessons from Eula

You can’t control what they say, but you can control who you are

One of the more popular games that popped up recently, Genshin Impact has definitely made a name for itself with its rich world-building and lore. If you immerse yourself in the world of Teyvat, you’ll find that each character has more to them than just someone you hack-and-slash with.


Let’s have a look at Eula Lawrence – an S-tier character that also has a very interesting history. Burdened with her clan’s history, how does she navigate the stereotypes and labels people place upon her?

Image Credit: Genshin Impact

In a nutshell, Eula’s clan was notorious for causing great harm to the other existing clans, and when they finally saw defeat, their name was tarnished. As a descendant of the Lawrence Clan, Eula naturally had to deal with many pre-assumptions from others, seeing her as vengeful and hateful.


Similarly, people easily associate us with the groups we hang out with.

“Oh they’re from THAT clique”;

“Yea, everyone from THAT CCA is like that”;

“If they’re from THAT class, best to stay away”.


Of course, such judgements are mostly unfair and unfounded – as much as you are influenced by your environment, your inner personality plays a big part in determining how you are like as a person. You can’t control what others say, but you definitely can control your own actions and responses.


Which is what Eula decided to do.


Image credit: Gamers Decide


Eula learnt that she needed to navigate around the problem. Joining the Knights of Favonius, she played an active role in fighting the enemies of Mondstadt, gaining the trust of some allies. In this case, actions truly speak louder than words.


When you put that faith in yourself and your actions, it’ll eventually win the right people over, and sometimes that’s all you need. It’s impossible to convince everyone as most people see only what they want to see. However, have you convinced yourself in the first place? That first step will give clarity to your values, which reflect in your actions and what others see of you.


Whether they decide to change their opinion, is then entirely up to them.



Image credit: Genshin Impact


The last thing we can learn from Eula is that despite renouncing her clan, she adopted their traditional ‘Dance of Sacrifice’ into her fighting style and hence creating her own destiny. It takes great maturity to separate the ‘act’ from the ‘people’ – you can give new meaning to past actions, as long as your heart is in the right place.


Here are some Eula worthy weapons that you may need in your journey:

Understand why people hate on others


Growth Mindset

Create your own destiny 


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