Jay B, Got 7, gets honest about mental health

JayB, Got 7, gets honest about his struggle with depression.

Jay B, leader of Got 7 talks about his struggle with depression.

How it started

“I didn’t know I had it until the official diagnosis and I thought I was just weaker mentally than other people.”

“It slowly overcame me, I started to dislike myself. I thought I lived my life pointlessly.”

When he joined JYP, his life completely changed.  While Jay B is supposed to be polite bright polised, Lim Jae Beom is actually an introvert, a very timid and shy person. Hence his role as leader of Got 7 was at times burdensome and worrisome.

“I strive for perfection because I’m imperfect.”

“Because my future was uncertain, it was like driving on a long road that is completely covered in fog.”


Talking about his depression.

“I think many years ago, there were a lot of people who didn’t want to talk much about these issues,”

“Taking a break was still a taboo not even too long ago. But things are changing.”

He adds that depression is a ‘natural thing’ instead of a ‘bad thing’.

“I want you to know that I’m human, just like you. I don’t want you to be hopelessly anxious, scared or depressed.”

“Though it is not that noticeable, depression is a very common yet very dangerous illness. Mental illness is an illness too. If one of my fans or just anyone who reads this interview feels depressed, I hope that they will not be ashamed of it and overcome the illness while undergoing treatment. It is not something to be ashamed of, and there is no need to hide it.”


Try a mood check to know what level of help you need.


Please get help if you are struggling with negative thoughts and emotions that don’t go away.


If you are overwhelmed with negative emotions and are thinking about ending your life, please get help immediately. Please remember that nobody wants to die, you want to end your problems not your life! There is always a way out of your problems.









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