Selena hits 3-0!

Here are our favourite nuggets of wisdom from our queen of pop.

Hitting 30 can be a pretty big milestone. At least, it sounds like it to me. Although we’re not quite there yet, it’s humbling and comforting to know someone we look up to is leading the journey. Are you ready for this ride?

Selena Gomez. A name many of us are so familiar with, for so many reasons. She’s an incredible musician and has been on the screens even before puberty hit. Now, she’s turning 30 and here are my three fave tips and lifehacks from the one and only Selena.

Represent: Mabel is BACK!

Only Murders in The Building is back with season 2 and the gang has gathered once again. Deaths aside, the show has propelled Selena as a comedy actress. This new role has given Selena yet another platform to address issues close to her heart, like accepting feelings of shame because of an album cover. Check out this roundtable discussion of amazing female comedians, who bare it all like Selena with a large serving of humour! 

Imperfections: 100% human-like

Other than capitalising on her music to promote mental health, Selena joined US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden in an honest conversation. Reminding fans that she’s not made up all the time, Selena embraces her imperfections, something every single person has.

But that’s not all. Other than starting the Rare Impact Fund, she co-founded Wondermind, a company targeted at mental fitness. Liken to physical fitness, her team describes seeing a therapist as routine training with a personal trainer. To achieve optimal mental fitness, they recommend committed small exercises we can do at home, in tandem with coached training. Sounds like a workout huh?

Boundaries: Where’s your line?

Being a child star meant growing under the spotlight. But will everyone blossom? That’s where Selena handled things very differently. She took control of her narrative and created a very truthful, sensitive and relatable one.

What does this mean exactly? For one, it means having lines you or others can’t and won’t cross. Previously, she felt social media was taking over her life and knew everyone but had no friends. She hit a critical point where she wanted to shut all platforms down. Thankfully, she has a supportive team who helped her work through that. Now, she prioritises her mental well-being while staying connected with her fans in a workaround. Her assistant posts photos and captions for her!

What’s your hack? 

Through her journey, Selena faces an endless relationship with anxiety and depression. Like the other aspects of life, her mental well-being requires constant work and self-love. And that’s why she hits it on the nail when it comes to youth mental health.

It’s tricky. We don’t understand ourselves fully, yet there’s so much out there, the FOMO is real. Regardless of how we feel, it’s important to accept those feelings, as we work through life. Remember, you’re never alone. Speak out, and ask for help. Even sending emojis counts!

Check out more tips from Selena and Billie Eilish here. Got a tip to share with us? Tell us by commenting below or hit an emoji to let us know how you’re feeling.

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Image credits: Emmy, Getty Images, Selena Gomez


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