Ms Marvel – Realm of Self-acceptance

A coming-of-age miniseries, peppered with a hint of confidence and a heapful of homecooked Pakistani meals, served on a plate of uncertainty.

Ms Marvel, formerly known as Nightlight. Love the miniseries. But did you know just one teeny tiny change in the storyline made all the differences in miniseries vs comics?

Comically challenging

If you haven’t started watching this series, don’t worry! We’re not giving any spoilers here. Instead, we’re zooming in on her powers, specifically those in the comics. Her magic was supposed to be shapeshifting, not light manipulation!

How does that even affect us, viewers? Well, in the comics, she would shapeshift into none other than her idol, Captain Marvel!

Yes, she’d transformed into a white woman with blond hair. Wearing this skin, Kamala becomes someone she idolises and dreams of. This seemingly appeared to be the best thing ever, but Kalama experienced doubts and confusion as she balanced these two identities.

Wishing you were someone else?

Haven’t we all felt this way? Like our lives will be better, easier if we were someone else. But, unfortunately, 1 plus 1 doesn’t equal two in this scenario.

Letting our imagination run wild and fantasise about a different life is fun. We may envy what we see from posts on TikTok or how Captain Marvel has it all. But things aren’t always so simple.

From the surface, she’s a super cool character whose powers rank 2nd in the MCU, right below Scarlet Witch. Captain Marvel is just sleek, no-problem-stopping-Thanos-punch strong. Beneath that strength hides a woman abused, tortured, brainwashed and manipulated by higher powers into submission. 

Perfect, just the way you are 

As the new kid on the block, Ms Marvel embodies the uncertainty and excitement of growing up. Conversely, Captain Marvel portrays everything Kamala feels she is not; confident and immune to weaknesses. As an immigrant-born, “brown girl from Jersey City”, Kamala emulates the white blond and superpowered Carol Danvers.

Despite their physical differences, both women encapsulated the perfect stories of self-acceptance, as they both struggled with who they were and the challenges they faced. Only to rise above and become the strongest people they know; themselves.

Let’s talk about you!

Do you still wish you could be someone else? Let’s talk about that. Share your thoughts and worries in this safe space. There are no wrong answers here, only support from one hero to another.

We can’t change into someone else, but we can be the best version of ourselves. Only you can decide what is best and true to you. But, hey, don’t forget to catch your breath too.

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Image credit: Marvel Studios, Marvel Comics


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