J-Hope, Living up to the name of hope

BTS, J-Hope has been the hope of Army, but how does maintain his ultra positive personality despite the pressures and expectations?

Photo: J-Hope live at Lollapalooza 2022, Bangtan TV

J-hope, besides being a muti-faceted celebrity, with producer, singer, dancer, songwriter, fashion designer under his belt, Jung Hoseok, is a remarkably grounded human being. Here is how he handles his mega celebrity status while still being down to earth, Hobi.


Living up to his name

J-hope admits that trying to live up to the expectations of always being positive is hard. But he can recognize that despite his celebrity status, he is as human as you and me.

I try not to think of myself as J-hope, but as Jung Hoseok…I have to accept myself as a person. I have to accept that I can be sad, that I can cry and get annoyed. Thinking this way helps me to go on.”

Watch J-Hope in ‘Mama’

BTS Wings short film #MAMA, Hybe Label


Personal limitations

He is always trying something new but he is always careful to get feedback in the process. He was worried that his English would hamper his communication in collaborative projects with western artist. But Hobi took this as an opportunity to improve his English so that he could work with even more artist.

The experience helps me develop as a person, I can find reasons to enjoy the process. Everything can become positive.

Watch J-hope in ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’



Goals and expectations

Hobi tries to get people’s opinion and learn as much as he can in any project but with more than 100 million fans around the globe, it’s impossible to fully satisfy everyone. He takes on a growth mindset, listening, learning and finding meaning in his accomplishments.

I’m trying to perfect something as an imperfect human being”

Watch J-Hope in ‘Airplane’

Image: J-Hope ‘Airplane’, MV, Hybe Labels


Growing older

Reaching another phase in life can be perturbing for many. While this makes Hobi sad, he can see opportunities by looking ahead.

I believe that nothing really changes when we age… It’s better to come to peace with it. Once I made up my mind that there’s still so much I can do in the future, a lot of the emotions I had towards getting older disappeared”.

Watch J-Hope in ‘Blue Side”

J-Hope, ‘Blue side’ FMV


Self-assurance and acceptance

“I realized I’m happier if I just accept what comes and let go of what passes by. I’m working on myself these days.”

The name J-hope has been a self-fulfilling prophecy and continues to be a guiding light for Hobi.

“I can’t help but be thankful to J-hope. I feel secure knowing I can decide how Jung Hoseok should act and live out his life.”

Watch J-Hope in ‘Daydream’

Image: J-Hope, ‘Daydream’, MV, Hybe Labels.


So why is Hobi our inspiration? It’s his ability to accept his imperfection and fallibility, yet choosing to see things through positive filters, a better shade and perspective to life and it’s problems. That mindset is really our hope, embodied in J-hope. 


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Growth mindset



This article was adapted from GQ Magazine.


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